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RUSH: CNN today has been obsessed with Donald Trump’s appearance on The Dr. Oz Show.  You know who Dr. Oz is?  Dr. Mehmet Oz.  He’s part of the Oprah tree, and apparently he was doing a story on Trump’s health.  The Drive-Bys are just beside themselves trying to change the narrative from Hillary’s bad health and whatever is wrong with her, to Trump being a fat slob and lying about his health.  So Trump appears on The Dr. Oz Show today after having visited his doctor.

He was gonna present the results of his examination from his doctor to Dr. Oz.  Dr. Oz was then gonna question Trump about his health and his physical from the doctor, and it was supposed to be — CNN was hoping — that there was gonna be something happen or something there to indicate that Trump has something wrong but that he’s hiding it or is not reporting it or what have you.  They were leaning on Dr. Oz to really ask tough questions, and Dr. Oz said, “That’s not what this is gonna be.

“I’m not gonna be going in there to try to embarrass Trump.  It’s up to Trump what he wants to announce.” So they had some audience members in there that they were hoping would not believe what Trump said, and CNN had a lot invested in it. Wolf Blitzer could not let the subject go, and we’ve got audio sound bites coming up (chuckling), demonstrating how it backfired on them to an extent.

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