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On CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose asked Bill Clinton about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. The answers were typical Clinton.

Bill said was “unaware” of any “pay-to-play” schemes at the Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. He said: “I have said to the best of my knowledge, nobody ever got anything from the State Department because they supported the Clinton Foundation.”

But, he continued, “if they did, and it was inappropriate, I would say that was wrong, too. I have proved that I’m not averse to apologizing for things that I think were wrong.”

He claimed his Foundation is “more transparent than any other foundation has ever been asked to be.” He tried to convince Charlie there’s a big difference between meeting with donors who want favors � and “pay-to-play.”

Here’s the takeaway. Bill Clinton never said “pay-to-play” wasn’t going on at the Foundation. He only claimed to be unaware of it. And if somebody can ever prove it � he might “apologize” for it.

This is the same Bill Clinton who pointed that bony finger in America’s face and declared he didn’t have sex with “that woman.” Until the blue stained dress surfaced. The same guy who tried to spin what the meaning of the word “is” is. The Bill Clinton adored by the drive-by media for lying with exceptional skill.

You’ve heard the saying: “Leopards don’t change their spots.” Well, neither do the Clintons.

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