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RUSH: Before we get to the latest and greatest on the mystery illness that is handicapping Mrs. Clinton, I want to share with you this headline.  This is from BuzzFeed today.  Because I know a lot of you are getting excited, and I know that it may be making you uncomfortable to get excited because the Democrat candidate appears to be less than 100%.  I know that a lot of people, because I’ve spoken to them, are feeling a little bit of a renewed hopefulness here because it’s abundantly clear that Mrs. Clinton is not well.

And then we’ve got the stories being whispered about by Cokie Roberts and a number of others, about secret meetings to make contingency plans in case she can’t go, in case she has to drop out.  And then, of course, Bill Clinton came along and tried to help and made it even worse on Charlie Rose’s show.  This is phenomenal.  I’ve always wondered. In the back of my mind, folks, I have wondered — I have really wondered — if there isn’t a small part of Bill Clinton that does not want her to become president for a host of psychological reasons.

And this kind of mistake (impression), “Oh, hey! Yeah, this happens to her all the time.  She’s constantly falling on her face.  She falls down and she has these fainting spells, and she gets dehydrated all the time! You know what? She won’t drink any water! You want to get in trouble working for Hillary, you ask her to drink some water. She will bite your head off. She doesn’t drink water!  You know why?  ‘Cause of what fish do in it. She doesn’t want to touch it.

“I’m telling you! You talk to anybody on her staff, and the worst thing you can do is suggest she drink water. So even after she falls on her face faints and stuff — which, I mean, it happens all the time — it isn’t any big deal!” That made it worse out there, and he’s trying to help — or is he?  But look at this.  While there’s this renewed hopefulness — and it’s guarded, I must admit — “Republicans Privately Panic at ‘Terrifying’ Prospect of Trump Win.”

While all of this is going on on the Democrat side, the Republican establishment and the — basically, it’s the consultant class, which is contained in the political class — are getting worried that Trump might actually now win.  No way, Jose.  (A little immigration lingo there.)  No way they want this to happen.  “The Clinton campaign’s wobbly performance over the past 72 hours has set off a rash of behind-the-scenes handwringing among professional Republicans as they confront an unnerving new possibility: What if their nominee actually wins…?”

“[A]n unnerving new possibility.”  BuzzFeed (again, the source) tells us the Republican establishment class, consultants, the elite have never thought Trump was gonna win no matter what happens, and now that Hillary has come down with “pee-nemoni” — by the way that pronunciation is from the Beverly Hillbillies, from way, way back in the 1960s.  I had people sending me email, “What? What? What? Can’t you say ‘pneumonia’?”  Yes, I can. It’s “pee-nemoni,” just like they call their swimming pool the “see-ment pond.”

Do you remember watching…? (interruption) Oh, the Beverly Hillbillies was classic! It was absolutely classic.  Yeah.  “Pee-nemoni.”  Anyway, so now I’ll give you some full quotes from this.  “For months, the prevailing wisdom within GOP political circles has been that Donald Trump stands little chance to win in November — and a large number of the party’s consultants, fundraisers, and operatives privately preferred it that way.

“Though many of them are reluctant to say so in public, they argue that a Trump presidency would fracture their party, decimate the conservative movement, and wreak havoc on the global economy (not to mention their own industry).” So the consultant class is panicked over a Trump win, and you know who these people are.  They are the people who haven’t gotten one thing correct this entire election! Everything they wanted, everything they thought would happen, everything they invested in bombed out.

And as you will hear in mere moments, it’s all my fault, by the way.  Jeb Bush is not the nominee because of me, so stated at an immigration forum at George Washington University Law Center.  That’s coming up.  Another pull quote:  “‘It’s terrifying,’ said one GOP consultant, who like others spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity.” Of course they don’t want anybody to know who they are!  Yeah, we can’t have people put their names to this.

Why… Why, there might be people who want to be mean to ’em out there.  “‘It’s terrifying,’ said one GOP consultant… ‘[Trump]’s not qualified … and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them.'” Ho-lee! This goes to exactly what we were talking about last week, this whole idea of how in the world anybody on our side can do anything that facilitate Hillary Clinton being elected!

That’s the end of the Republican Party, as it’s known today.  That’s the end of everything they’ve had. That’s the end of the country as they know it for at least a generation because of the Supreme Court alone.  Another pull quote: “‘I’ve heard a lot of conservatives voicing frustration, like, “How f—ing hard is this, Hillary?”‘ said [a conservative]. ‘That’s the only reason I’m panicked these days — I’m losing faith in Hillary’s ability to win this easy-ass election.'”

This is the Republican, I think, blogger who doesn’t like Trump and thinks that somebody half dead could beat him and frustrated that Hillary is botching it, and here’s another pull quote: “Another strategist in a similar situation said he recently found himself engaging in a wishful Google search: ‘How late can you replace a major-party nominee?’ ‘I think Joe Biden would be a slam dunk, right?’ he mused, in a tone that sounded almost affectionate.”

Meaning, these are Republicans worried that Hillary’s gonna bomb out because of her illness; who can Republicans help the Democrats find who can win?  That’s what this pull quote means.  There’s still time to get Biden, right?  Biden could beat him!  “Wouldn’t that be an amazing track for Biden’s career? Saving the free world by stopping Donald Trump.” That is a Republican consultant, and they wonder why Republican base voters and a whole lot of other people just don’t believe in them anymore?

So the headline is: “Republicans Privately Panic at ‘Terrifying’ Prospect of Trump Win.” We’ve known this. I mean, there’s nothing new in here, and it’s not really… They’re not “privately panic[king].” Since they’re talking to BuzzFeed, they’re publicly panning — panicking.  They’re just not putting their names to it.  Look, there’s a lot more in this piece.  It prints out to almost three pages, but that’s enough for the flavor of it.

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