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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, you gotta hear this. This is Wolf Blitzed moments ago on CNN.  Now, the Drive-Bys are trying to massage and manage Hillary’s comment that all of these Trump supporters are deplorable.  Now, the way it came out, she put Trump supporters in a basket, and half the people in the basket are deplorable.  They’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re bigots, they’re xenophobes, all these horrible, rotten things.

Then the other half that is in the basket of Trump supporters, they just feel disenfranchised. They feel ignored. They feel left out. They feel like the government’s not helping them, has let them down, and it was what ended up being a perfect indictment and criticism of the Obama presidency the last eight years.  So the Drive-Bys now have to do some damage control on this “deplorables” business.  They have to mitigate the damage.  ‘Cause it really is not helpful for a candidate, whether she’s got pneumonia, whether she has seizures, whether she’s not all there, whatever, still not helpful for your candidate to be running around ripping a significant percentage of the American people as human debris.  So Wolf Blitzer had as his guest today the Clinton campaign press secretary, guy named Brian Fallon, and I want you to listen to this exchange over the “deplorable” comment.

BLITZER:  Instead of saying half, she said half of his supporters were part of this so-called basket of deplorables.  What should she have said, 10%, 20%, 5%?  What would have been a more accurate number?

FALLON:  I don’t know, Wolf.  It’s certainly a non-zero number but the reality is while every Donald Trump supporter is not necessarily a member of the alt-right, it seems like the alt-right is fully aligned with Donald Trump.

RUSH:  Okay, so Wolf wants okay, well, if it’s not half of them, what is it, 10%, is it 20, 5%, what would have been a more accurate number of the deplorables?  A tantamount acknowledgment that Trump supporters are deplorable.  And Wolf thinks the mistake is that Hillary might have inflated their numbers, not that she called ’em out, not that she described them that way, not that she categorized them that way, because the dirty little secret here is that that’s exactly how Hillary Clinton and Obama and Wolf Blitzer and everybody else on the left, this is exactly how they see people that don’t vote for them:  racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.

It is like I mentioned to you on Friday, if you are not in favor of the progressive agenda — and let’s face it, the progressive agenda is essentially open to any change whatsoever no matter how derogatory, no matter how damaging, no matter how corrupt, whatever is change is good unless it is conservatism, then that change is intolerable.  And of course that’s how you have a progressive, that’s what a progressive is, that’s how you define ’em, a liberal.

And then we are conservatives, and we oppose that kind of change because we think that it is cultural rot. We think that it is corruption.  We think that it’s eating away at the very backbone and fiber of the country.  They in turn call us racists and say that what we really don’t like is this mass infusion of brown people.  It has nothing to do with it.  It’s all about values.  It’s all about cultural values.  It’s about the values associated with this country and its founding.  And that’s what they seek to destroy and blow up and call it progressive, call it liberal.  We want to bring that to a screeching halt.  They call us reactionaries.

When we seek to stop the advancement of the leftist agenda, they call us reactionaries.  And of course reactionaries are not people who think.  No, no.  Reactionaries are exactly what the word implies, just a bunch of off-the-wall, madcap reactionaries who don’t think and are thus dangerous.  And that’s how they see us.  So along comes Hillary Clinton with her comment about Trump voters being deplorables.  And Wolf Blitzer does not think the mistake is in the characterization.  The mistake is the number.

So he’s asking this guy, her spokesman, “What should she have said, the correct number, 10%, 20%, 5%, what would have been a more accurate number describing the deplorables?”  So, once again a teachable moment, once again a learning opportunity.

Same show, same host, Wolf Blitzer talking to the same guest, the Clinton campaign press secretary, and his next question, “Well, would it have changed –” in other words, this diagnosis of pneumonia and the description of Mrs. Clinton’s health “– would that have changed if we wouldn’t have seen that very dramatic video of her getting into the van after leaving the 9/11 event early and nearly, you know, falling down almost completely.  I don’t know if she fainted. Did she faint at that moment?”

FALLON:  She actually made the decision on her own that she was feeling a little hot and decided that it would be best to get out of that the crowd of people and try to find a place where she could get cool, find some shade and maybe get a drink of water. And so she left the ceremony site on her own accord.  In the course of walking to the vehicle with some staff, at that point she began to feel a bit dizzy and she was helped into the vehicle. At that point though she got into the cool inside of the vehicle and had some water and said she was fine right away and actually placed some calls to staff from the car. And when she was able to get to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in Manhattan, soon after arriving there she was playing with her own grandchildren running around Chelsea’s apartment and was fine.  And the public had an opportunity to see that for themselves.

RUSH:  So, ladies and gentlemen, what we’re being told here is that she recovered instantly from what we saw on that video.  And this guy tries to say here that she left the ceremony site on her own accord and then she began to feel dizzy walking to the van and was helped into the vehicle.  That’s being generous, to say that she was helped into the vehicle.  At that point, she got into the cool inside of the vehicle and had some water and said she was fine right away.  You recover from that kind of stuff instantly, just get into some air-conditioning?  That’s it, that’s all it took?  I still say that this was a much more dramatic emergency than they want you to know.  And you know why?  Because she left that event before her exit transportation was even in place.

Now, I know a little bit about this, folks.  I don’t want to go into great detail why, because I’m not comfortable talking about myself, but I can just tell you — and do not doubt me on this — the absolute most avoidable thing, the thing that you must not allow to happen, is to leave an event because you have to get out of there, whether it’s scheduled or not.  You do not leave until your exit transportation is in place so that you do not have to stop on your way to it.  That is the biggest no-no, and you will never see it happen to the president.  I’m not talking rope lines after speeches or these kinds of things, which are already tightly controlled.

I’m talking about she’s leaving a public venue.  She’s using public sidewalks and so forth to exit this ceremony.  She’s going to meet her vehicle, her motorcade in a public throughway, public street, in a circumstance like that, you do not leave.  The Secret Service, your security detail does not put you on the move until you have an uninterrupted pathway to your vehicle, which is the next secure spot.  You get in the vehicle, you close the door, you drive off.  She had to leave that 9/11 event in such a state of emergency that her ground transportation was not yet in position, which meant that they were not expecting her to leave anywhere near that time.

They are parked in a satellite area, so somebody in her detail had to call the drivers of those vans and tell them whatever her nickname is, Loudmouth is leaving, please get in position ASAP, and then they left, and the vans were not there.  She was standing there for at least 30 seconds.  That is one of the biggest no-noes in security that you can ever imagine.  You’re a sitting duck.  You’re a sitting duck.  Now, granted, you’ve got your detail that can surround you, but at that moment she wasn’t, she was wide open to anybody driving by on the street.

Now, the street might have been cordoned off and only certain vehicles allowed, who knows.  Anyway, watching that told me that she had to get out of there at such a rapid pace that it didn’t leave her detail time to assemble the getaway vans.  She was stopped and surrounded by her detail until those vans drove up.  So whatever caused her to get out of there, it was urgent, let’s just say it was urgent, and then when that van pulled up, she was not able to get in that van on her own.  That’s the point.  She was unable to move off the curb.  It looked like from the rear, it looked like she was partially paralyzed or just stuck and then with some assistance she was moved off the curb, but she was not able under her own power.

And when they finally real… When it was left to her own power, that’s when she started to go down. That’s when they grabbed her arms under her shoulders and pulled her back up, and they literally shoved her in the van; and, in the process, one of her shoes came off.  And, by the way, their original excuse was, “No, no, no, nothing happened! She just lost a shoe stepping off the curb and it screwed up her balance.”  They tried that first.  I don’t know how many of you remember hearing that.

But I was on this yesterday, and I’m telling you this was… Because I was wired up and ready for the NFL to start, so I was sitting there at my desk. I was doing as much show prep as I could before the NFL began.  That’s the first thing that they offered.  “Yeah, that’s nothing! She lost her shoe stepping off the curb and lost her balance.” The last thing she wanted to admit was what really happened.  The last thing they wanted to have to come up and tell anybody is, “She’s got pneumonia.”  So now we’re told that an immediate recovery occurred the moment she encountered the air-conditioned environment!

Thank God we haven’t done our global warming routine yet or wouldn’t be any air-conditioning.  Thank God she was able to experience air con… (interruption) Well, they want to eliminate it! They want to eliminate air-conditioning.  I’m not making it up.  Anyway, she reached the air-conditioned environment of the giant, gas-guzzling, climate-destroying SUV, and miraculously had a full recovery! She was able to get on the phone, call her aides, and then go to her daughter’s emergency room and start playing with the grandkids.

Grandkids?  Are there two, or is there just one? The guy said with her grandkids.  But then something must have gone wrong because they’re now not letting her go to California today.  She had a full recovery in the van. She had a full recovery in her daughter’s apartment/emergency room. She came out (screeching impression), “Feeling great! It’s a great day in New York! I see that little girl! Let me hug that little girl! Here, little girl! (pant pant pant) See? I can breathe fine,” and she hugs the little girl.

They tell us she’s got pneumonia, she hugs the little girl, and then they say, “She canceling fundraising trip to California.”  Really?  So it wasn’t a full recovery in the van once she found the air-conditioned comfort of the gas-guzzling, climate-destroying SUV, hmm?  Well! Leaving us even more confused and perplexed here at the EIB Network.  We know what we saw, and the poor woman, I’m telling you, is sick.

She’s not well.  I don’t know what it is!  I don’t know. Maybe… You know, some people, they just get old fast.  Some people just age quickly and that makes them more susceptible to things. Maybe it’s nothing.  Maybe she doesn’t have anything.  Maybe it’s just age.  Who knows? That’s the point.  We don’t know who to believe, and this is serious.  We’re talking POTUS here, president of the United States.


RUSH:  You know, I was just reminded of something, and this is a good point.  You remember how many years ago that Kathryn and I were in Hawaii, and it was at Christmastime, and I had what everybody thought was a heart attack.  Do you remember this?  I’m sure you all do; you saw your futures dancing in your heads.  In fact, it was reported that I’d had a heart attack before I even got to the hospital.  I’m convinced that ambulance drivers are paid by gossip people to report if they get anybody in the ambulance…

Anyway, I’m just a guy on the radio.  There was an entire press gaggle with Obama because he is in Honolulu, Oahu, at Christmastime, and, I don’t know. It seems like 80% of that press corps left Obama and came to the Queens Medical Center where I was, and they camped out.  I’m just a guy on the radio!  And I remember being told, “You need to do a press conference. You need to,” ’cause it wasn’t a heart attack. It was a faux heart attack. I know what it was.

We now know what it as. I’d had a spinal epidural for a cervical disk thing. I’d gone out and played golf immediately afterward and had partied and exerted too much.  And it resulted in something that was not a heart attack ’cause they did one of those things through the… Well, they go in there and they look for blockages. They found none, and you could see they were shocked. They were stunned.  I should have had high cholesterol, should have had…

Anyway, they said, “You need to do a press conference immediately to explain to everybody, ‘Here what’s happened.'”

I said, “Why?  I’m just a guy on the radio!”

They said, “There’s a whole press gaggle down there. That’s why.”

So the person that reminded me of this said, “You realize there were more people demanding that you come clean on what had happened to you than apparently there are demanding Hillary Clinton come clean with what happened to her.”  I don’t know about that.  I just… I do know that it was strongly suggested that I do a press conference if I wanted to change the story, because they were running with this heart attack business, and it wasn’t that. It wasn’t. It was not even a heart event, as it turned out.  No enzymes increase, nothing.

I had totally forgotten that, that a guy on the radio had more scrutiny demanded.

Anyway.  Well, look at this.  I’ve now talked myself up to another profit time-out here, which we have to take.  But we’ve got 30 minutes remaining here, folks, to make the most of it as we always do in mere moments.

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