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Dear Mrs. Clinton: Apparently, you’re confused about the meaning of “deplorable.”

� Deplorable is leaving a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans to die at a U.S. consulate in Libya and ignoring their pleas for help as they were under attack by Islamic terrorists.

� Deplorable is lying to the families of those left to die and putting an innocent filmmaker in jail to cover your lies.

� Deplorable is defying federal law on the handling of classified material, setting up a homebrew server in a bathroom to avoid scrutiny and then lying about it, over and over and over.

� Deplorable is taking millions of dollars from foreign interests trying to buy influence from you as Secretary of State and should you become President.

� Deplorable is claiming that all victims of rape deserve to be believed except for the ones who accuse your husband of raping them and running smear campaigns against those accusers.

� Deplorable is supporting brazen violations of law for instance, U.S. immigration law and rewarding the lawbreakers with benefits paid for by law-abiding taxpayers.

� Deplorable is pandering to voters based on their racial or gender identity like telling them you carry around hot sauce with you when for 30 years, you’ve done nothing to actually help people.

Mrs. Clinton, if there is a “basket of deplorables,” your deplorable record fills it up!

Thank you so much. 

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