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Did You Hear What Eric Garner’s Daughter Said About De Blasio?

RUSH: “Eric Garner’s Daughter Blasts Mayor de Blasio: ‘Just cause you love black p—y don’t mean you love black lives.'”  As was pointed out to me, it sounds like something Jon Voight, Mickey Donovan, would say on Ray Donovan.  

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Cops After Plaintiff Admits to Lying

RUSH: Just pouring through some loose news items here, basically headlines, this also from the New York Daily News.  Exclusive to the New York Daily News: “Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against Cops After Brooklyn Man Admits He Lied About Being Beaten by Police.”

Say what?  Say what?  Are you telling me a perp lied about being beaten by the cops?  Apparently so.  “A federal judge threw out a lawsuit and issued an extraordinary apology to four NYPD cops accused of beating a Brooklyn man after the plaintiff took the witness stand on the first day of a civil trial and admitted that he lied under oath.  Even the lawyer representing Lucas Zelaya in the excessive force suit apologized to each of the officers and shook their hands after the jury had been dismissed.”

Do Men Make Women Grow Old Faster?

RUSH: From the U.K. Daily Mail:  “Do Men Make Women Grow Old Faster? Male ‘essence’ gets females ready to reproduce (but also speeds up ageing).”  Now, you know what’s gonna come of this.  This is gonna play right into the hands of the pro-choice crowd.  They’re gonna be, “See?  See?  Not only is pregnancy an illness, but the whole idea of women getting ready to reproduce, which is an unfair genealogical trait visited upon all women by God, now speeds up the aging process?” 

It will be another reason why women should not even get interested in this.  And it’s all because of men, even though they don’t know they’re doing it, it’s just part of the genealogical, physiological makeup of things.  

NY Times Again Sends Memo Reminding Reporters Not to Editorialize on Social Media

RUSH: The New York Times, speaking of social media.  This is hilarious, too, folks.  The New York Times company sent a memo to reporters reminding them not to editorialize about sensitive political issues on social media.  Nope.  They are to save that for the newspaper. (laughing)

“The New York Times sent a memo to reporters reminding them not to editorialize about sensitive political issues. Back in June, Times higher-ups sent a memo to reporters warning against editorializing in the wake of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting.”

I thought this was satire when I first saw this and then I realized that the editors of the Time’s understand that their competition is social media. So they want their reporters to stop opining and doing whatever they do there and save it for the New York Times. 

I can understand this.  I mean, one of the reasons I don’t do a lot of TV or one of the reasons I don’t do a whole lot of other stuff is if you want to find out what I think, come here.  This is where I am every day.  But the Times is — (laughing) it’s a little different.  They don’t want their precious opinionating anywhere but their own newspaper.  

Descendants of Slaves Demand $1 Billion from Georgetown

RUSH: From the Daily Caller:  “Georgetown Slave Descendants Want A BILLION Dollars For ‘Reconciliation.'”  So Georgetown, trying to be good libs, trying to be touchy-feely, look how wonderful we are, you know, we feel so guilty, we feel so bad over our involvement in slavery that we are going to extend free admission or whatever they gonna do to anyone who was descendant of a slave who was bought or sold by Georgetown University back in the day. 

Well, instead of being applauded and thanked and praised for doing the right thing, No, that’s not gonna get anywhere near covering it.  “The descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University are calling on the school to create a billion-dollar ‘Reconciliation Fund,’ one week after the school apologized for its role in the slave trade and promised several (much cheaper) efforts to make up for it.

“In 1838, Georgetown sold off 272 slaves in order to pay its debts, selling them for $115,000 (over $3 million in today’s money). In recent years, the school has faced demands from activists who want it to atone for its actions almost 180 years ago.”

Mr. Snerdley just sent me a note. (laughing) He says, “I am one of those descendants.  Prove that I’m not.”  Snerdley wants his take.  He wants his piece of the one billion, the one-billion-dollar demand.  And now on top of that they’re demanding reparations.  So the descendants want a billion-dollar reconciliation fund, and Snerdley’s claiming that he’s one of those descendants. 

Friday, the broadcast engineer substitute today is also claiming he is one of those descendants, and both Snerdley and Friday are challenging us to prove that they’re not.  Well, I can’t.  I can’t prove that you’re not in any way, shape, manner, or form.  We’re talking 272 slaves so you’re gonna have to prove that you’re the descendant of one of 272 people. 

Or maybe not.  What will Georgetown do next, just to pay off to make this go away?  If they do that, I mean, they did — no, no.  They didn’t offer, they didn’t offer a billion dollars.  They opened the door. They opened the door you’re walking through, they opened the door, the descendants are now demanding a billion-dollar reconciliation fund. 

“Georgetown president John DeGioia announced Georgetown would offer a special admissions preference for any descendants of the 272 slaves the school sold. He also promised to build an on-campus memorial and renamed two buildings, one after a slave sold by the school and another after a woman who founded a local school for black girls.”

Now, the advocates demanding the billion dollars say this is not reparations.  That’s a whole different thing.  No, no, no.  That’s to come later.  This is not reparations.  This is a reconciliation fund. 

North Korea Bans Sarcasm

RUSH: North Korea has banned sarcasm.  Kim Jong-un.  You know what?  You’ve heard that the Norks launched what might have been a real nuke this time.  Did you happen to realize when they launched this nuke?  They launched this nuke right as Barry got out of town.  Obama’s in Laos talking about how lazy Americans are.  He gets on Air Force One and shortly after he hits the skies and gets out of the area, the Norks, Kim Jong-un launch a nuke.  Yeah.  And now they’ve banned sarcasm. 

“Satire directed towards the regime and even indirect criticisms of leadership will not be forgiven, sources in the North have said. Mass meetings organized by central government authorities have been used to issue the warnings.” Included in the list of blacklisted phrases is, “This is all America’s fault.”  What, has Obama been there?  Who’s saying that?  “This is all America’s fault.”  Citizens have also been banned from calling leader Kim Jong-un a fool.  They send you to the gallows.  

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