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This week, the ITT Technical Institute closed all 130 campi. It marked the end of this private educator, leaving 40,000 students stranded and 8,000 employees jobless. ITT shut down because the Obama Regime shut them down.

The Wall Street Journal called it an “execution.” And it follows a pattern. Obama regulators, from multiple government agencies, gang up on a targeted business and run it out of business, before owners can raise a legal defense.

In this case, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and multiple State Attorneys General, took part in the Regime’s ITT attack.

No charges leveled against the school were ever proved in any court. But that didn’t matter. ITT was punished anyway.

Obama’s Education Department barred incoming students from getting federal aid. His bureaucrats delayed loan reimbursements. They raised the amount of collateral the school needed to operate, by $153 million. Execution accomplished!

Other for-profit educators, with similar track records and graduation rates, still operate. No harm has come to Laureate International Universities, honorary chancellor: Bill Clinton. Laureate paid him $18 million. They also donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. “Coincidentally,” a key player in the ITT execution is now with Hillary’s campaign.

When liberals like Obama or the Clintons put you on their Enemies’ List � you’re done. Ask the Tea Party and Lois Lerner, if you doubt me!

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