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RUSH: Williamstown, Kentucky.  This is Roger.  It’s great to have you with us, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Rush, it’s an honor, and I just to want make an observation that’s been guided by your theorem about how President Obama has always stayed away from the fray and never taken the political hits when he should.  If I take you back to before when this all started, when President Clinton met with Loretta Lynch, we were all wondering if Loretta Lynch was going to indict, and then there shortly after the FBI director had a press conference where all of a sudden the blame shifted to him for no indictment.

And I think that the narrative that most of the people use to defend Hillary is that the FBI, using their great credibility, chose not to indict, when the reality is, it’s Loretta Lynch and it’s President Obama who have not pursued this.  And if it would have been Loretta Lynch standing up saying we’re not gonna indict or we’re not gonna pursue this, I think the American people would have seen the absolute corruption there actually is —

RUSH:  Well, you are very shrewd because what you have highlighted here is another irregularity.  In the normal ebb and flow of the FBI working with the Justice Department on the investigation of potential criminal activity, we never get what Comey did.  The FBI’s recommendations in presentation of whatever evidence it has happens privately.  If they recommend prosecution or not, we never know.  DOJ announces they’re gonna prosecute something or if we don’t even know what’s going on, we just never know about it.

But rarely does the FBI director go public and say, “I’m recommending no prosecution.  We couldn’t find anything.”  So rarely does this happen.  And what you are shrewdly observing is in the process, the FBI, the director takes the hit.  He takes all of it off Lynch, all of it off Obama, all of it off the DOJ. And gives all these Hillary acolytes a free rein to say, “Hey, look, the FBI,” and, as you say, they’re highly respected, “the FBI said there’s nothing there, nothing there.”  You’re exactly, exactly right.

CALLER:  Yes.  And obviously I don’t think that President Obama was going to risk his legacy with this.  I think they solved this — they have completely — very shrewd of them, Rush, because it allows him to get out there and speak with credibility, if he wants to campaign for him, but if the narrative in the media really was honest —

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  — and they placed responsibility on her —

RUSH:  It is something that is not said about this is exactly right.  By Comey doing what he did, it takes the heat off everybody, the focus all on him where the FBI has unassailable credibility.

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