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Now we know. After the Obama Regime paid Iran a $400 million cash ransom for the release of American prisoners there was a second payment. This week, we learned an additional $1.3 billion was paid to Iran also in cash.

But not in American dollars. Like the first ransom payment, it was converted into Euros and other currencies by Swiss and Dutch central banks.

In other words, it was laundered. And flown to Iran in secret and transferred to an Iranian cargo plane.

The Obama Regime has given its partner Iran everything they wanted. The nuke deal Obama negotiated allows Iran to build nuclear weapons after Obama leaves office. There were secret side deals allowing Iran to upgrade their nuclear technology.

Iran got a billion and a half dollars in cash. We, on the other hand, got our own people back, American prisoners, after we paid ransom.

In January, Iran held members of the U.S. Navy hostage at gunpoint, and forced them to reveal the capabilities of their ship. Iran violated international law by releasing film of the hostages while captive. Just this week, seven Iranian attack boats swarmed and harassed a U.S. ship on patrol in the Persian Gulf forcing it to retreat.

Russia, China, Iran, world leaders everywhere, are disrespecting America. It’s the price of weakness. And let me tell you, that’s not who we are! Americans have had their fill of it! I’ll tell you something else: I don’t even think this money was even to get the hostages back. I think Obama just wanted to give Iran the money for what ever reason. The hostages were just an advantageous side deal. 

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