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RUSH: I don’t know if you heard about this.  Did you hear what Goldman Sachs has done?  Now, Goldman Sachs, the big investment bank in New York, Lloyd Blankfein is the CEO, I remember it was a Super Bowl, Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  It was the New York Giants against the New England Patriots.  I was with some NFL people prior to the game.  Blankfein was there, came up to me, he said, “You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are.”

And I said, “The hell I don’t know who you are.  I sure as heck know who you are.”  And he smiled.  He lives in Bob Costas’ building in Manhattan.  And then he’s got, I don’t know, homes in — anyway, runs Goldman Sachs.  He was a nice guy.  Don’t misunderstand.  He was smiling when he said all that.  Point is, Goldman Sachs one of the banks Hillary Clinton made speeches to for 20 minutes for $225,000.  Twenty minute speech, $225,000.

We may now know why they haven’t released the transcripts, because much of what she said might have been (coughing).  Goldman (coughing) Sachs.  That may be why we haven’t gotten (laughing). Anyway, folks, don’t forget this. She made $21 million in two years doing 20-minute speeches before banks like Goldman Sachs.  She will not release the transcripts.

Goldman Sachs has banned their employees from donating to Donald Trump.  I’ll tell you how they’re doing it.  They’re doing it and making it look like it’s quasi-responsible citizenship.  This is from Fortune magazine.  “Goldman Sachs has enacted a set of rules that bans the firm’s top employees from contributing to certain campaigns, including the Trump-Pence ticket.

“The rules kicked in on September 1st.  They will apply only to partners of the firm.  The firm says the rules are meant to remove any implication of so-called pay-to-play.”  What it is, you cannot donate to candidates who are local, and Trump is a New Yorker.  And Goldman Sachs’ headquarters in New York.  You can’t donate, because that would lead to possible allegations of pay-to-play and corruption and so forth, and that’s how they are doing it.


RUSH:  A minor clarification on the Goldman Sachs prohibition on donating.  It’s confusing.  What the prohibition is, is employees, partners, ranking officials at Goldman Sachs are not permitted to make donations to local officials.  A local official is somebody like a mayor or a governor, somebody that works in a state or local area, which Pence is a governor, so Pence is the reason they can’t donate.  But Tim Kaine is a senator, and Hillary is a nothing right now, but Tim Kaine’s a senator.  That’s not a local office.  It’s a statewide office.

Somehow governor is considered local and it’s on that basis that Goldman Sachs is telling their employees they can’t donate to Trump.  It’s actually because his running mate is a governor, and that equals a local race.  (interruption) No, no.  There is no freedom of speech at Goldman Sachs.  Everybody gets this all confused.  Freedom speech, the First Amendment is a government proscription.  Your company can tell you all day long what you can and can’t say, your company can tell you all day long what you can and can’t do, and if you do what they say you can’t do, they can fire you.

So many people misunderstand this freedom of speech thing.  Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.  Federal government cannot say a thing, other than you can’t say “fire” in a crowded theater, obviously. But it doesn’t say, you know, when people say, “Colin Kaepernick has got a First Amendment right.”  No, no, First Amendment doesn’t apply.  Colin Kaepernick can sit on his ass during the anthem ’cause the 49ers aren’t gonna punish him for that.  The 49ers are his employer, and if they say it’s no problem with us, then fine and dandy.  But he’s not exercising freedom of speech or any of that, and he’s not violating some — there’s no dissent going on in that sense.

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