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RUSH: Here’s Kim in Dallas, Georgia.  I’m glad you waited.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Yes.  Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh, for helping me to understand the real issues in this election.  I’m a new listener, fairly new. I’ve only been listening about three months. Like my 14-year-old son said, “You should listen.” We don’t have a computer so I use my phone most of the time. But things are just too confusing.  So I really hated Trump, and I thought he was a pompous jerk and everything — and with our two horrible choices, I just wasn’t gonna vote.  But now that I understand the issues better listening to you and hearing all the truth about it, now I understand better and so I just wanted to thank you and so now I’m definitely a Trump supporter.

RUSH:  I want to thank you, and I’ll tell you why.  You say your son is 14, and recommended you listen to the program?

CALLER:  Yeah.  He said, “You know, Mom, Dad’s a disabled vet, and Trump is for the military, and you need to listen.”  And I said, “He’s a jerk.”  And he said, “Mom, just listen.”  And so I started listening.

RUSH:  Well, I want to thank you, because anybody can listen, but you actually listened.  If you start out with the attitude you have about Trump… You know, a lot of people get wedded to their opinions and they get locked in ’em. There’s no changing their minds on it, particularly when it’s on an emotional opinion like whatever you said he was. He was a buffoon, whatever.

CALLER:  Uh-huh.

RUSH:  But you stuck with it, and you allowed us to get in your head and make you look at things differently.  And I appreciate that, because we’re nothing but honest here.

CALLER:  Well, I really appreciate it.  You know, I use my phone to try to find out all the stories and stuff but there’s so many different stories that it just got too confusing. So now I listen to you while I’m in the car line waiting for the kids to get out school. So I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the show.

RUSH:  Let me tell you what we do here.  Among many other things — in addition to making you laugh and making you enjoy being alive — we make the complex understandable.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.

RUSH:  I don’t care what else is going on in your life, for the three hours a day that this program is on and you’re listening to it, everything seems normal. Everything seems okay.

CALLER:  Mmm-hmm.

RUSH:  And so I’m glad you’re part of the crowd.

CALLER:  I appreciate that.  I’ve even got my husband to listen to it ’cause we go back and forth about 35 miles to the VA clinic quite a few times a week, and so I’ve gotten him to listen to it sometimes also, and I think he’s almost a Trump supporter, too.  So —

RUSH:  Keep working on him.  There’s time.

CALLER:  There is.

RUSH:  You’ll get to him. You don’t have a computer? You just use your phone?

CALLER:  Yeah.  Our computer crashed a couple years ago, and with him not able to work and everything — he’s disabled — and I can’t work because I have to take care of him.

RUSH:  Look, I have an iPad back there that has your name on it.

CALLER:  I’ve never had anything, an iPhone or iPad or anything like that.

RUSH:  Just hang on. Don’t hang up.  Mr. Snerdley will get your address, and I’ll send you a 9.7-inch iPad Pro.  It’s a computer.  That’s all you need to know except it’s fun to use and easy to learn and you’ll love it.

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