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“If you’re a Never Trumper, maybe you want to do a write-in candidate. You can write in Buck Sexton. That’d be cool. I can get a few votes. My mom would vote for me.” – Buck Sexton

Neal McDonough from the Film GREATER

“If you believe in yourself and you have confidence, great things can happen. And with Brandon, there’s no way he should have made the team. This film exemplifies what happens if you have faith in yourself, faith in God, and work hard. That’s the other thing, you’ve got to work hard. And, boy, did he work hard. I’ve never been this proud of a film in my life and I get choked up when I talk about it.” – Neal McDonough

Taliesin Nexus and Changing Hollywood

“Even in Hollywood where it may seem kind of dark right now, if we invest in talented filmmakers and just get more people expressing these ideas in the form of story and making an emotional connection as opposed to just purely intellectual, then I think absolutely they can find a home in Hollywood.” – Patrick Reasonover, Taliesin Nexus

Kimberley Strassel: The Intimidation Game

“I’m not in favor of overzealous prosecution, but what I am in favor of is equal application of investigations at the very least to discover whether or not there has been a crime committed.” – Kimberley Strassel

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