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“‘Greater’ is a new movie that I really hope you can get a chance to see. Buck Sexton, late of the CIA, will be here tomorrow as guest host and will be talking with Neal McDonough, the star and executive producer, in the 2 o’clock hour.”

“If you can get money by taking it from other people, you’re gonna think you can always get money by taking it from other people. And if you have a lot of money and you’ve never earned it, guaran-damn-teed you are never going to appreciate the value of that money. And that’s government for you.”

“You know, it is amazing how coincidence happens.  When coincidence happens, it makes you ask, is it coincidence?”    

“It’s amazing how events occur in your life with unbelievable timing. Last night I saw a movie which puts the folly and selfishness of Colin Kaepernick in full focus. And it was by happenstance, pure happenstance.” 

“I just want to say something to you players of the National Football League. The American people love your sport. The American people respect you who have the unique human ability to play it at the level you play it. But the American people are not going to sit by idly and watch the stage of the NFL stolen and used for personal political purposes.”

“I would love to see the eggs that Anthony Weiner hatched from. Does this guy not know, does he have not the slightest idea how the internet works? After having been caught once, does he have no idea how nothing on the internet is private?”

“The National Football League is on TV. It can easily be turned off. The National Football League is sponsored by beer and cars and soft drinks that can easily be not purchased. Not that hard. Just turn it off.” 

“Opening Sunday in the National Football League this year is September the 11th, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. And if a number of you endeavor to try to steal the stage of the National Football League to call attention to a personal political issue, you run the risk of doing grave damage to the league and a business which depends on massive public love and support and attention and money.”  

“I have it on the highest authority that there are people within the Hillary camp starting to get worried about Huma in terms of the advice that she’s giving Hillary. People are looking at Huma’s life, and a lot of it doesn’t seem to make sense, and they’re wondering, what in the hell is she advising Hillary to do? In other words, there may be trouble in paradise.”

“Obama’s not tied to anything in the economy, except when they try to tout this great recovery going on. Of course, there isn’t one.” 

“The European Union is nothing but a bunch of takers. The European Union wouldn’t know how to produce diddly-squat.”

“All these brilliant socialist Democrats in Western Europe, all these elites, these pointy-headed intellectuals, our so-called betters, can’t manage anything. And they have been out of money for years. They don’t know how to budget. They don’t know how to behave responsibly.”

“Apple is the European Union’s golden goose. And they’re taking as many eggs from the golden goose as they can, because they’re out of money.”

“The primary reason that Trump is supported is he’s not one of ‘them.’ He is a genuine outsider. He’s not a Washington politician claiming to be an outsider. He really is.” 

“Donald Trump is not gonna be held to the standard that other politicians are held to by people like that, because you trust that the big picture that he is gonna ‘Make America great again.'” 

“I didn’t get this desire to learn until I quit school, strangely enough. I really was not overcome with the realization that I was gonna have to acquire knowledge ’til I quit. I didn’t like school at all.”  

“They’re forcing me to take the three days of this week off, the last three, they’re forcing me to do it. My broadcast partners ’cause they’re afraid of burnout. I said, you know, I could pretend I’m suspending myself, but I got nothing to suspend myself for.”

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