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RUSH: Lissa in St. Louis.  Welcome.  Great to have you here.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thanks so much.  Listen, I’m not a feminist, but I am a woman.  And I am a Never Hillary person.  In fact, I’m a subset of that which is that I will crawl on my hands and knees over broken glass to vote against her.  But God forbid she wins, she’s gonna set women back by ages and ages —

RUSH:  How?

CALLER:  — because all of this stuff is gonna come out and all the stereotypical stuff that people say about women, she’s conniving, she’s deceitful.  Here we had the first woman president, and it turns out she was, you know, some Lady Macbeth, power hungry, deceitful, conniving, lying, cheating —

RUSH:  What do you mean that’s all gonna come out?  We already know all that.

CALLER:  Well, that’s what I’m saying.  But I think the evidence which truly proves it to the majority of people, where the media is not gonna be able to cover it up — I mean, I think the real dirt is there and —

RUSH:  Give me an example of what you are talking about when you say the real dirt that the media won’t be able to cover up.  What kind of things are you thinking about?

CALLER:  When they find out that there really was a pay-for-play, where there really was money exchanged.

RUSH:  Oh, okay.

CALLER:  Where she personally financially benefited from deals that were made through the State Department.

RUSH:  Right.  And then the bimbo eruptions, the actual feminist act of destroying the women her husband had abused.

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  Well, now, but why is that stuff not gonna come out before the election?  How is it gonna come out afterwards?  What is gonna enable that to happen?

CALLER:  Because I think that the American media — now, maybe the Clintons — I mean, the Clintons have been so immune, it’s like they got vaccinated decades ago.  But most of the time the American media wants to take you down.  I mean, I’m learned that from you.  The American media, they build you up, build you up, and then they take you down.

RUSH:  They love — yes.  Yes.

CALLER:  And there’s gonna be somebody — in other words, all it takes is one or two media people, reporters that say, “This is too big, this is too big for me to just not cover it.”

RUSH:  Interesting.

CALLER:  Cover it up.

RUSH:  I’m fascinated.  You think that there would be enough anti-Hillary sentiment in the Drive-By Media, to after they safely get her elected, then turn on her as they do on almost all successful people, and what they build up, try to take down.  I think there are exceptions to that, though, and I think the Clintons are such an exception.  I don’t think the Clintons to this day, I mean, all this stuff that you’ve talked about just now is widely known by the media.  They could have taken her out any time they wanted.  And in 2008, you could say that they did in favor of Obama.

CALLER:  Right.  They did.

RUSH:  My hope would be that this stuff, some of it, enough of it would surface before the election that it would matter.  But there’s something else that drives all this that is part and parcel of it.  And that is that Republican branding is so damaged that even if you gin up a bunch of anti-Hillary sentiment, that does not automatically mean people angry enough at Hillary not to vote for her will vote Republican.  That’s still a big mountain to climb for a lot of people who’ve been misinformed for years.

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