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“We lose sight of something, but we are all blessed to be born in the United States of America. It is quite simply the absolute finest human invention in history, the United States of America.” 

“Did Huma Abedin Weiner really not know she had a deviant taking care of her child? She may not know what’s best for herself, but she apparently knows what’s best for Hillary Clinton.”

“Colin Kaepernick, the third string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, announced he will no longer stand for the National Anthem. Everybody’s had their say about this, and I want to weigh in with my response — and it’s this from Ray Charles.”

“There now doesn’t seem to be a single aspect of life in the United States that is not touched, that does not become controversial, because of race. Thank you, President Obama.”

“Huma Abedin Weiner, she’s in line, she’s chief aide now. She’s presumably gonna be Hillary’s chief of staff. But she has not been chief of her husband’s staff, obviously.” 

“I think it would serve us all well to just take a moment and thank God, or whoever you thank for your existence, that you are an American.” 

“I am a radio guy. I do a radio program. And my success here is defined by radio and broadcast business metrics, not political. It never has been defined by political metrics, I’ve never wanted it to be.” 

 “I think Trump’s Trump. I think Trump says what he’s thinking day to day, and if it sounds different from what he said the previous day, people make a mistake if they think Trump does not have rooted principles, if they think he doesn’t have certain beliefs that are unwavering. I don’t have any doubt that what he has said about immigration combined with what he said about free trade, he means it. I think where this is all gonna end up — and I made this point Friday — I think where this is all gonna end up, the argument’s gonna be whether they come back after being sent out of the country.” 

“Well, when you stop honoring heroes — and we are — you will stop having heroes to honor. The same can be said, when you start mimicking heroes — mocking them, when you start tearing them down — you’re not gonna have any heroes to mimic, to tear down, or to honor. And that’s where we’re headed.” 

“Americans — in 2016 approaching 2017 — are the luckiest and the most fortunate people in the history of humanity. It’d be great if more people just realized that. They could just accept that and build on that, build on something. ‘Cause I’m tired of tear-down. I’m tired of it. It’s unwarranted. It’s unjust. It’s unnecessary. It’s destructive, and dangerous.” 

“I’ve warned everybody that the politicization the left has engaged in and this anti-American, transform America, America’s unjust, America’s immoral, I have been trying to sound the clarion for eight years about what we are headed for. We’re smack-dab in the middle of it now.” 

“If you want to attack the justification for America, if you want to make the claim that America is not justified to be what it is, that America is not this great place — you have free rein! You can do whatever you want, and nobody will challenge your right to say it. But if you want to speak out in other ways, you’re gonna have all kinds of people climb on your case and try to intimidate you or bully you into shutting up.”  

“After all the efforts that so many in the Republican Party have made to get everybody to sign on to amnesty, who would have believed that it was Donald Trump who’d come along and have the Republican base essentially saying, ‘So what? No big deal.'” 

“Somebody just told me Colin Kaepernick is Muslim. I had not heard that. Brian, you’re a big sports fan.  Did you know that? I had not heard that from anybody. Well, if that’s true, I wonder what Colin Kaepernick thinks of Saudi Arabia, if he’s Muslim.” 

“America is only itself when it is being great. When America is not being great, when America is beating itself up, America is not itself.  That was Charles de Gaulle, by the way, speaking in France.  And I think it’s appropriate and applicable to the United States.” 

“In terms of actual debate prep, Trump doesn’t want any part of it. He doesn’t want to be prepared. He wants to wing it; that’s who he is. He views rehearsal and preparation as a jail cell, as a giant set of constraints on who he is.”

“Colin Kaepernick can make the courageous decision to sit on the bench during the national anthem, and he’s applauded for courageous dissent and protest by all the usual suspects in the Drive-By sports media. But the Dallas Cowboys asked to put a sticker on their helmet this season to honor cops, particularly the five officers killed in that mass assassination attempt, and the NFL said, ‘No, no!’ I guess it would be unnecessarily provocative to honor the police.”  

“I’ve told Chuck Schumer, and I’ve told Karl Rove. I’ve told any number of people, ‘Look, I’ll be on your team — I’ll come out and I’ll promote amnesty as a way of solving the problem — with one proviso:  Those granted amnesty are not granted citizenship for 10 or 15 years, meaning they can’t register to vote for 10 or 15 years, and let’s just see what kind of support there is for it then.'”

“Germany has just told its citizens that they’re on their own when it comes to food and water in the event of a terrorist attack. Now, isn’t that convenient? A socialist government which gets votes by promising everybody that they’re gonna take care of them is nowhere to be found when a real crisis hits, and they’ll tell you in advance that you’re on your own. Isn’t that just cheeky?”

“I take some of this with a grain of salt, but there’s some evidence in the polling data that Trump does have a bit of a gap with young people. You know why that is? They don’t like the yelling.”

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