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RUSH: You have heard, I’m sure by now, of Donald Trump’s totally insensitive tweet after the cousin of Dwyane Wade, formally of the Miami Heat, was gunned down in Chicago.  It happened Saturday, and Trump tweeted the following:  “Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago.  Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will vote Trump.” 

You would have thought that the most outrageous example of heartlessness and cruelty had just happened because, ladies and gentlemen, Republicans, conservatives, anybody who’s not a Democrat is not allowed to go there.  When there is gun violence and when the Democrats can make hay out of it, they can say anything they want. They can accuse anybody of being responsible for it. They can demand investigations. They can cause all manner of grief to descend on whoever they want.  They are permitted to politicize these things. 

But a Republican ain’t no how way.  They’re not gonna put up with it.  All Trump meant was, “Hey, I’ve been trying to tell everybody while you’re out there focused on Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter is not focused on black lives killing other blacks.  Black Lives Matter doesn’t even care, doesn’t even notice.”  And he often uses Chicago where black-on-black murder and black-on-black crime is near record highs.  Certainly at the top of the heap in this country.  It just so happened that somebody with a measure of fame was killed on Saturday.  Trump points it out and then tries to turn it into a political advantage, and you would have thought he was the biggest reprobate on earth for doing this. 

Yet when it happens the other way around, when the left thinks they can score points with gun violence, they’re out there trying to blame talk radio, they’re trying to blame the Tea Party, they’re trying to blame Sarah Palin, you name it, and that’s perfectly fine.  So we have this bifurcated circumstance or situation where something that is real is not allowable.  You can’t talk about it.  Black-on-black crime in Chicago, can’t talk about it, can’t bring it up, can’t insert it into the presidential campaign. 

Why?  Well, because it undercuts Black Lives Matter, because it illustrates that black lives don’t matter if they happen to be snuffed out by other blacks.  Because Black Lives Matter doesn’t seem to be concerned about that.  But Trump’s supporters are not outraged.  They’re outraged at the reaction.  Trump’s supporters don’t think there’s anything wrong with pointing out the obvious here.  And they don’t think it’s exploitation.  They think it’s somebody saying the truth about something that generally isn’t allowed, isn’t permitted, to be spoken or said. 

And it just cements them to Trump even further.  (interruption) What, insensitive?  Insensitive?  You mean somebody talking about what happened is insensitive?  What about what actually happened?  What is that?  Is that something we’re not supposed to mention or even notice ’cause it might undercut some Democrat interest group’s political ambitions?  I mean, that’s kind of insensitive, isn’t it, to the victims?

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