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RUSH: Last night Jeff Lord is on with Jim Sciutto, and they are discussing one of my ideas, and I want to play the bite because Jeff gets only one thing a little wrong here that I want to correct, but you will hear what it is. LORD: Rush Limbaugh had a great suggestion about this to test the willingness of my friend Basil and others.  Let them come and give them a path to citizenship, but they can’t vote for 25 years or so.  That would be an interesting proposition to see what the reaction is.

SCIUTTO:  People come in the country but not have the right to vote?

LORD:  Yeah, for 25 years or so.  So if they come illegally, they don’t get the right to vote in America for 25 years.

RUSH:  I didn’t say grant ’em citizenship. You can’t grant ’em citizenship and take away the vote.  I said amnesty.  I’ve said all along, and nobody has taken me — look, can we all agree that if I came out for the amnesty, it would do a lot to push it over the finish line?  I might lose my radio show, but I could push it over the finish line.  Right?  With one proviso.  There are a lot of people that would love to have me supporting it, right?  And I’ve offered to. 

I’ve told Chuck Schumer, and I’ve told Karl Rove, I’ve told any number, look, I’ll be on your team, I’ll come out and I’ll promote amnesty as a way of solving the problem with one proviso:  Those granted amnesty are not granted citizenship for 10 or 15 years, meaning they can’t register to vote 10 or 15 years. And let’s just see, let’s just see what kind of support there is because the whole reason the Democrat Party wants this is they see 11 million new voters.  They see a brand-new permanent underclass. 

So I wanted to correct this.  He didn’t make a mistake; he just misspoke.  I would never suggest we grant people citizenship and deny them the right to vote for six months, much less 25 years.  It’s amnesty that I was talking about.  We just want to forgive them, right?  Okay, they’re here.  We’re gonna admit that we’re not gonna send them back.  That’s amnesty.  We’re gonna forgive their crime. 

Here’s another thing we could do.  We could increase their tax rate as a penalty.  Ha-ha-ha.  How do you think that would fly?  Can’t vote for let’s say 15 years and have to pay the full Medicare tax.  Nah, let’s not complicate this.  Don’t add their tax rate.  Just leave it alone.  And I guarantee you I wouldn’t have any takers.  You might have some patient Democrats, “You say 10, 15 years, okay, all right, I’ll go for that.” I’m sure some would want to take it, but it would expose what this is all about.  


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Phoenix.  You’re next, sir, welcome and great to have you here with us.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Hello to you and a special hello from my wife who is a huge fan yours, Rush.

RUSH:  Thank you.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  Thanks for the call.  Real quick, on the immigration issue, I think that many of the candidates, Trump in particular, sort of talk around it, and I just don’t think they’re doing a good job.  So I have like a three-step program I’d like to get your feedback on.  One is simply stop the flow.  That’s security of the border by whatever means we need to, but I think the next ingredient that nobody talks about is to stop the incentives for coming here and start implementing the deterrence. 

So, in other words, if you’re here illegally, if you’ve come here illegally or you’re caught coming across, you’re considered a national threat.  And we’re gonna have to deal with you in a very serious measure.  So stopping the border, telling them you’re gonna treat them at a higher level —

RUSH:  Now, wait.  The incentives are a tough one.

CALLER:  No, no, no, no.

RUSH:  ‘Cause everybody wants to come here, and we don’t blame here wanting to come —

CALLER:  No, no, no.  I agree.  And I think that they should come here but through the legal process.  But if they’re gonna sneak across or come through illegally then we have to consider you a national security problem.

RUSH:  Well, k-nay.  K-nay, obviously.

CALLER:  And then the other issue that I never anybody talking about and it seems so simple to me — you perhaps will relate to this; you and I are about the same age — but when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons, I always remember, and it’s still stuck in my head, the PSA service announcements that, if you’re here in the country and not a citizen, you have to register with the government. 

So why not have everybody that’s here illegally register, and, if you choose not to register, now you’re considered a national threat, and, if you get stopped, you know, you’re gonna face some serious consequences.  But if we register everyone, which we could easily do, now we know what the number is, is it five million people, 50 million people because that’s part of the challenge —

RUSH:  Well, but you still might not find them all.  People that come here illegally and get here illegally and then don’t get involved in a traffic stop or some other kind of crime, technically you could maybe find them when they get hired.  Look, I get your drift, and I think you’re defining, in essence, the Trump supporters’ basic link to Trump on this, is that he’s gonna do all this. He’s gonna stop this, he’s gonna stop the influx, we’re gonna shore up the border, and we’re gonna maintain the country.

We’re gonna protect it, we’re gonna make sure that it’s not overrun and that people that break the law don’t get away with it.  Really it’s a law-and-order issue as much as it is anything else.  I think the way the media goes after this, analyzes Trump, is not at all the way his supporters do.  I don’t think they’re anywhere near this critically attentive to it.  It’s a broad-based issue to them, not macro.  And that’s how they hear Trump dealing with it.

It’s like everything.  I think most Trump supporters think this isn’t complicated, and the efforts to complicate it are how we have gotten into the mess.  It isn’t complicated.  We got a law that says you cannot be here illegally, it is illegal to come here and stay here, and we enforce the law and everything would be fine.  But we don’t enforce the law and that’s why everybody’s bent out of shape, and the rule of law goes by the wayside, what other glue is there to hold us together?  It’s really not that complicated, but people want to make it so, because the more complicated it is, the more simpleton-like they can make Trump out to be and his supporters.  Don’t doubt me.  

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