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RUSH: I want to get back to something I mentioned in the last hour.  I think it’s a seminal moment.  Most of my life, and I’m sure most of yours, presidential elections have been largely determined by the state of the US economy or the perceived state of the US economy.  And in 2008 — I’m sorry — 2012 — well, 2008 it did matter.  That’s right.  In 2008, McCain was leading until the financial collapse, the reported financial collapse happened, and then it was over. And in 2012 Bush was still being blamed for the economy. 

Here we are in 2016, the last eight years have seen dramatic economic decline all across the board in this country.  In addition, the last eight years have seen the heated debate over Obamacare. Obama signing it into law after having lied to the American people about fundamental aspects of it. You like your doctor, no problem, keep your doctor. You like your policy, no sweat, keep your policy. 

Not only that, your premiums are gonna coming down an average of $2,500 a year. 

None of that was true.  The unemployment rate is more like 23%.  When you get into African-American and minority unemployment, it’s at 25%, or 50% with teenagers.  We have 94 million Americans not working.  By all that’s holy in American politics, the Democrats ought to be finished.  They ought not even have a chance, using old, traditional metrics.  In the old days, when the economy was bad, the sitting president got blamed for it, his party was blamed for it no matter what they did it.  It was almost insurmountable. 

By all rights, Obama and Hillary should be in the 30% range here, and Hillary ought not have a prayer.  So why doesn’t the economy matter as much?  I’ve already announced my theory, so I won’t repeat it again in case some didn’t hear it.  You know, when I say something about anything, that’s pretty much it. There’s not much left to say.  So sometimes I dial it back. 

Why is the economy not a big deal?  And I still think — this story out of Germany — I need to remind you of this again, too. Germany is a typical socialist democracy in Western Europe, and they do what all socialist governments do, they promise the moon.  They tell you that they’re gonna take care of you, get you through the rough spots. Government’s got the answer to every problem. Government is the solution. Government’s where you turn to for any problem that you have. Government levels the playing field. Government makes it fair. Government does all of this. 

Well, Germany just issued a warning to its citizens as part of an elevated terror threat.  Germany has just told its citizens that they’re on their own when it comes to food and water in the event of a terror attack.  Now, isn’t that convenient?  A government which gets votes by promising everybody that they’re gonna take care of ’em, however that is interpreted, they’re gonna keep you from starving, they’re gonna keep you fed, they’re gonna get you a phone, they’re gonna keep you connected to TV, they’re gonna make sure that you have some kind of income. You’re gonna be okay, we will take care of you, vote for us. 

But then, when a real crisis hits, they are nowhere to be found, and they’ll tell you in advance you’re on your own.  Isn’t that just cheeky?  I think it’s classic.  I think it is so instructive. I think it’s so illustrative of who and what socialist governments really are, at a base level.  So easy to understand.  If the government can provide you food, water, shelter, cable TV, cell phones, and a moderate income for your vote every day of the year, why can’t they take care of you when the nation’s under assault? 

Isn’t that when they really should be protecting you?  Isn’t that what government is ultimately responsible for, is protecting and defending its people?  People that live in the country.  The government of Germany, Angela Merkel, the government’s out of there.  

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