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The Clinton campaign’s “rapid response team” has gone into high gear. They’re trying to spin the 15,000 emails the FBI just discovered which show Clinton Crime Family Foundation donors got access to Hillary as Secretary of State.

Clinton operatives are saying this is “no big deal!” No big deal having access to the Secretary of State “there were no favors involved.” 

But these “experts” miss the obvious.

The access to Hillary Clinton IS the favor. You can’t get it. 

The average American with a problem wouldn’t have a chance in hell of meeting with the Secretary of State. Never going to happen. But donors to the Clinton Foundation did. They received special treatment and attention. They got to plead their case to the Head Honcho of the State Department: Hillary Clinton. They paid, she played. Often they got what they wanted, sometimes not. Damn the people who noticed this scheme! 

Meanwhile, lifelong Clinton-scandal-apologist James Carville slithered out to damn the people who noticed this corrupt scheme. He told Politico that “somebody is going to hell” for daring to question the Clinton Foundation. He claimed the organization is doing a lot of “good work.” And the millions of dollars they get in bribe money � excuse me � in charitable donations are helping save lives.

James it’s a nice try. But everybody knows, this is a pay to play scheme. What nations now own the United States because they paid Hillary Clinton. 

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