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“When it’s 95 degrees and every woman in the picture is wearing tank tops and shorts, Hillary is decked out like it’s wintertime in Moscow. She’s got her Nehru jacket or Mao jacket on, she got long slacks, practically gloves. It’s the weirdest looking thing.”

“Here’s the question. If they do such good work over there at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, why is the Clinton Foundation not offering any help, any aid, any money, any food, any cell phones to the devastated, dare I say white population, in Louisiana?” 

“The Drive-Bys are filled with that theme today. ‘No, no, no! Nobody sought favors from the Clinton Foundation. They just wanted access.’ Access is the favor! For crying out loud, what’s so hard about this?” 

“I’m not a formal or informal adviser to Trump or to any candidate, and I never have been.” 

“You look at the payouts of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, it’s not much. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is a way to support all of the members of the Clinton crime family, and to have them travel around in the lap of luxury.” 

“The Drive-Bys are paranoid this email thing, State Department, security, private servers, classified documents, they’re leftists writing that they are worried this is going to hound her for the rest of her political life. That she’s never going to be out from under this, and it’s going to undercut her effectiveness, her integrity, her honesty. And yet nothing’s gonna happen.”  

“Everywhere Trump goes you can’t get in. The people that do get in are having a raucous good time. There is excitement. Trump does performances, everybody’s excited and thrilled to be in there, there’s lots of energy everywhere he goes. It is so big, it is so exciting, it is so much fun that Hillary protesters show up and try to cause trouble.” 

“This is the United States of America, and we don’t want people mad at this country; we want them loving it like we do. And we want it working for everybody. We want the opportunity this country presents to be availability to everybody. We don’t want to exclude anybody.” 

“The Democrat Party needs as many people as possible believing the deck is so stacked against them that they can’t succeed unless the Democrat Party is looking out for ’em.” 

“How come the Hillary Clinton campaign is basically made up of what’s wrong after eight years of her and her party running it? Why is this campaign not made up of how great things are now and how much better we’re gonna make ’em? Why is the Democrat campaign not that?”  

“I guarantee you the vast majority of in this country don’t like all this racial strife. They don’t like what’s happening to the police. They don’t like the attitude that a lot of people have that America’s a failure, that America’s rooted in unfairness and its unjust and immoral. It’s the greatest country on earth, and we want as many people as possible to see that.”     

“A lot of us want candidates to go out there and make no bones about or excuses for conservatism, and just start teaching people about it. Just explain who the liberals are, and don’t hold back, and properly identify them — and when they don’t do it, we start questioning whether or not they really are conservative.” 

“Over the last 16 years, the earth’s temperature has remained steady. It has not risen!” 

“You can’t compare what happens in business marriages to what happens in what you and I would call actual love-based relationships. Don’t make that mistake. People who live their relationships in the gossip pages, that’s a business.”

“Why is every Democrat campaign rooted in detailing everything that’s wrong, blaming Republicans for it, and then promising to fix it? And the fix never happens. And yet people keep voting for it.” 

“Millennials are being conditioned to believe that if government doesn’t do something, then nothing is getting done. There are Millennials among us as I speak who believe that if government isn’t passing laws, then things are broken.” 

“When there’s a government shutdown or congressional recess, we breathe a sigh of relief. It means they’re not going to be passing any more laws which have further infractions and restrictions on our liberty and freedom.”  

“We live in a time where crises are manufactured every day. And with the discovery of every crisis is the requirement or demand that government do something about it.” 

“There’s no evidence of man-made global warming. The climate’s changing all the time, but we have nothing to do with it. We’re just along for the ride.”

“In geological times, our life span, 85 years, is hardly visible when measured against the life of the planet. We’re nothing but specks of sand at the largest. We have no impact on glacier creation, glacier melting, glacier expansion, glacier movement, none.” 

“Hillary Clinton is on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. And he’s asking her about these new emails, 15,000 emails. And she says, ‘We’ve already released 30,000 or so, what’s a few more?’ Can you imagine if Richard Nixon had said, ‘What are you talking about? I’ve already released thousands of hours of audiotapes. What do you need 18 more minutes for?’ Can you imagine?”         

“People stick with this show. This is the amazing thing about it.” 

“The email address is ElRushbo@eibnet.us. It’s a new email address. Don’t use the old one. You’ll end up in the ether. It’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us.” 


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