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“Here is my new email address: ElRushbo@eibnet.us. We went patriotic in changing the public email domain. I’ll check it during the program. I subject-line search. I get 15,000 emails a minute, folks, during the three hours this program is on the air.”

“How can people not know Obama hasn’t gone to Louisiana?  Maybe because Kanye West hasn’t gone on a rant about it. Maybe because Kim Kardashian hasn’t gone on a rant about it.”

“The FBI has uncovered tens of thousands more documents in the Hillary Clinton email probe, the year-long investigation into her private email. And how about her trying to blame it on Colin Powell, and how about Colin Powell coming back and saying, ‘They’re trying to pin this on me,’ rather than taking the heat for her?”

“Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, visited Louisiana. They’ve had some terrible flooding there, and there hasn’t been one representative of the Obama administration get even close to Louisiana. Oh, wait. I’m sorry. Jeh Johnson went for a day.  The guy who spells his name J-e-h. Okay, Jeh Johnson went for a day.”

“Remember the outrage over George W. Bush’s response to Katrina? Where is the similar outrage among the American people with Obama actually staying in Martha’s Vineyard golfing while the Gulf Coast floods? Screw the media. We know the media’s not gonna express outrage. Where are the American people angry? Can’t find it, don’t see it, don’t understand it.”

“No matter what a conservative or Republican attempts to do in the area of good works, particularly in a campaign, the Drive-By Media is gonna be all-in to blow it up and destroy it.” 

“I like the way Trump made his pitch for African-American votes, and I’ll tell you, it’s effective.  And the reason I know it’s effective is not because of anything I’ve heard from the African-American community. I’ve rather heard and read media reaction to it. They are loaded for bear. They are outraged that Trump would make an appeal to African-American voters.”

“There is more anger in this in country than there was eight years ago. There hasn’t been any unity. There hasn’t been any softening of tensions, relaxing of tensions. It’s gotten worse, the exact opposite of what people hoped would result from electing the first African-American president, Barack Hussein O.”

“The conservative Republican objective is independence from government for everybody, not dependence on government. Dependence on government has led to perpetual poverty.” 

“This presidential campaign is unlike anything anybody has seen, and it’s really hard to handicap.”

“I’m gonna use my own words to convey the same message that Trump tried to get across, which is, ‘You have been voting for the Democrat Party for 50 years, and every four years you have voiced the same complaints, the same injustices, the same racism, the same unfairness, the same stacked deck.'”

“Obama stays on Martha’s Vineyard. And of course Hillary, she can’t even be bothered. She’s gotta hang in at Bill’s 70th birthday party ’cause if she didn’t, who knows what kind of women he’d bring in.”

“The Drive-By Media is Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Drive-By Media is taking Donald Trump out every day. They’re focusing solely on Trump and blowing him up.”

“One of the reasons why people are so fed up with globalism is that it’s liberalism that has given us this.”

“The classic conservative, the true blue conservative doesn’t want anything to do with nationalism. They think nationalism doesn’t get close to describing conservatism. There’s very little in common between the two.” 

“To be a globalist you have to care less and less about your own country.” 

“Polls are of registered voters, likely voters, they’re not being polled. What are they gonna do on Election Day? Are they already up to speed? Is Trump resonating with them and nobody’s catching them? And there are a lot of people worried about it.” 

“Look at Obamacare. It’s a dismal failure. It is an embarrassment. It’s a costly disaster. It’s a damaging dismal failure, if there was any attention paid to it whatsoever. But there isn’t.”

“Poor Ryan Lochte. It’s a shame this guy is not Hillary Clinton. It’s not that people don’t mind if Hillary lies. It’s they really don’t know, not like they have been told about Lochte. His entire life has been put under a microscope.”

“Hillary Clinton hasn’t had, despite what people might think, she’s not had destructive attention.”     

“Liberalism explains this globalist elite. Liberalism explains the plummeting economy, the plummeting job circumstance. Liberalism explains why health care and health insurance are such a mess and why you can’t afford either. Liberalism explains it.” 

“Have you heard of Solyndra? It’s shut down, and all these other solar and wind entities that came into existence shortly after Obama was inaugurated, we heard all about them, they’re not in existence anymore.”

“Solar and wind are no further along than they were when Obama was immaculated, but the people who started those companies are sitting fat, dumb, and happy somewhere. They got paid back for their donations to Obama and then some.”

“This whole globalist versus nationalist debate has resulted from liberalism triumphing all over the world. People are fed up with it. They don’t want it anymore and it’s a shame they don’t know that what they oppose is liberalism.” 

“Thirty-six of the green companies Obama funded have shut down. More than 112 solar companies have closed their doors in seven years, since 2009. And that’s the future, solar and wind, that’s gonna save us, supposedly, and all of these businesses are gone. But not the people who started them. They’re doing fine.”   

“So happy to be back right where I belong. The famous and revered Attila the Hun chair at the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The largest free education institution in the world. There are no graduates, there are no degrees because the learning never stops.”

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