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“Was all this in Milwaukee triggered by this shooting by a police officer? The answer is: Yes and no.”-Mark Belling

Here’s Why I’m Now Behind Trump

“I think people realize that, at his core, Donald Trump is not a bad guy — and that’s from someone who didn’t like Donald Trump at all, and now I’m coming to enthusiastically back him. I think when he offers too much bluster, it’s because he does care a lot about this country.” – Mark Belling

Obama Paying Iran Ransom Puts Us All at Risk

“It was only a couple of weeks ago that President Obama was asked about the $400 million the Wall Street Journal found out he’d sent to Iran. Obama had that look where he rolls his eyes and sticks his nose in the air like we are so stupid for understanding that this was not ransom, and it was terrible he should even have to answer such a question. Well guess what? The State Department now admits that the hostages were not released until after the Iranians got the money, which they call ‘leverage.'”- Mark Belling

No Foreign Bribes at Clinton Foundation If Hillary Wins

“The Clintons aren’t even saying they’ll shut down their foundation if Hillary wins. They’re saying they’ll stop taking foreign donations — which is a message to get your bribes in now!”- Mark Belling 

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