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Wonkette: Bill Clinton Probably Raped Juanita Broaddrick, But He’s Still a Good GuyRUSH: I saw this. Wonkette. Whoever runs the Wonkette site now. It was started by one young woman who went on to TIME magazine. I don’t know who runs Wonkette. Anyway, whoever runs that website just published a post in last 12 hours that said (paraphrased), “You know what? We believe Bill Clinton actually raped Juanita Broaddrick. We actually think he did. But,” they say, “that was rape as it was defined back then. That would not be rape today.

“And, besides, he hasn’t done it since, and he’s a good guy, so no sweat.” That’s essentially what they say. “Yeah, he probably did rape her. Yeah, yeah. But it’s not rape as we would call it today. It was just alpha male sex back then when Clinton did that, and he hasn’t done it since — and he’s a good guy, so it doesn’t matter. It was a long time ago.” And that’s the official… That was on Wonkette. A bunch of websites have picked that up. This was the Daily Caller that picked it up. Yeah, I saw that last night.

You Must Go See the New Ben-Hur MovieRUSH: I meant to thank… (sigh) You know, I should have done this earlier. I had a chance last night to watch the new movie Ben-Hur. It’s a Mark Burnett-Roma Downey production. They’re the executive producers. There are a lot of people behind it, and they went to the trouble of making a closed-caption screener for me. We sent it back to them today. We cut it up with scissors and sent it back. They went to a lot of trouble to enable me to see this. And, folks, I’m just gonna tell you: Go see it.

Don’t pay any attention to these reviews comparing it to Ben-Hur with Charleston Heston in 1959. Many people today haven’t seen that version. This is a modernized version of it with a little bit of a difference in the storytelling. But it is… I found myself rewinding a bunch of times to rewatch scenes, and not because I couldn’t hear them (because I had the captioning). I wanted to see something again. The cinematography is great. It’s about two hours, a little over two hours, 1:04 the run time.

Two hours and four minutes is what it is. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. The time flew by. You know, some people are gonna call it hokey, because the message is so clean. The message… It’s about love and friendship and betrayal and integrity and honesty and doing the right thing. It depicts the Crucifixion. Jesus is portrayed well in this. I think, for whatever reason — whether you want a message out of it, if you want to be entertained… (chuckles)

The chariot race in this is incredible. I watched it three different times last night. It took me probably three hours to watch the whole thing because I was rewinding. It opens Friday. As I say, you know, don’t pay attention to the critics, whatever they say, good or bad. Judge it for yourself. Don’t compare it to ’59, the Charlton Heston version. You can, but don’t base your decision on whether you’re gonna see it based on what somebody says about it compared to that, ’cause it’s a different era.

But you will thoroughly enjoy it. And some of you might even get a lot out of it. I think a lot of people will get a lot out of it. You realize that in a climate like this to get a movie like that made — big budget, open in 3,000 theaters — is an important deal. It’s not a message movie per se. It’s a full-fledged entertaining movie as it’s intended to be, but it does have some message benefits to it that I think are thoroughly worthwhile. It’s Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur. Judah Ben-Hur.

Your Host Out Thursday and Friday, Returns MondayRUSH: Okay, reminder, folks: Business trip here tomorrow and Friday. Buck Sexton of the CIA here tomorrow. Mark Belling will be on Friday, and I will be back Monday to save the day and put it all back together. Thanks to those guys the next two days. See you then.

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