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Hey, I want to tell you about a guy named Allen Weiner. He’s a law professor at Stanford, and a Washington Post opinion writer. He wrote a piece cheerleading the Obama administration decision to pay Iran $400 million in ransom before Iran released American citizens. 

That’s the ransom payment the Regime claims wasn’t ransom. It was merely an “unfortunate coincidence,” they say. Even though Obama’s own Justice Department warned against paying it because it “looked like” ransom. Weiner called it “American diplomacy at its finest.”

Well, it turns out Mr. Weiner has an additional source of income. He is also on the payroll of the Ploughshares Fund. That’s a group that helped Obama shape public opinion on Iran. The Ploughshares is a “key-cog” the White House used to create a pro-Iran “echo-chamber” in the Drive-By Media.

The Ploughshares Fund has been so successful that senior Obama officials openly brag it’s a top pro-Iran PR weapon. Which takes us to Allen Weiner in the Washington Post. Neither Weiner nor the Post revealed he’s on the payroll of Obama’s go-to pro-Iran accomplice when he wrote his article praising the Iran ransom payment.

Now, it shouldn’t surprise you. The corrupt Drive-By Media in Washington is rife with incestuous relationships between bought-and-paid-for journalists and the Regime. They masquerade as objective reporters, while engaging in the same kind of “pay-to-play” deals the Clintons have perfected.

If you’re expecting truth or ethics from these people, you have to look elsewhere. It’s sadly true.

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