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RUSH: Audio sound bite time. Last night Charlie Rose speaking with NBC correspondent Katy Tur. Charlie Rose said, “What about the issue of taking on the press?” They’re talking about Trump, not about his speech last night or the one the night before. They’re talking about Trump’s decision to pivot from Crooked Hillary to the Crooked Media. And of course I am a — well, I’m the primary reason they were discussing this, as you will hear.

TUR: He [Trump] does think it resonates. It does resonate with a strong portion of Donald Trump’s supporters and the Republican base. There are not enough people out there who agree with him on this to such a degree that they believe that he is being completely painted unfair. Rush Limbaugh yesterday came on and said that he should back off from the attacks on the press, and Rush Limbaugh has pretty much made his career attacking the press.

ROSE: What was his explanation, the reason he should do that is because it was counterproductive?

TUR: It makes leaders look weak, is what Rush said.

ROSE: That’s an interesting Rush Limbaugh insight.

TUR: Yeah.

ROSE: If you’re attacking the press, that means you’re weak, you should be able to take it. That’s what happens at this level of the game.

RUSH: Do you hear these people talking about this like they have no idea that anybody might think that, that it takes me putting it out there? (imitating Rose) “Oh, really? Attacking the media might make somebody look weak? Rush said that? Hmm. Interesting. Wow. We ought to put that in the hopper and think about it. Hmm. Very, very interesting. Rush Limbaugh said that? Wow. Wow. That’s an incredible insight that Rush has there.”

By the way, I have made my career doing a bunch of things, folks, not primarily attacking the media. I don’t attack the media. I just tell you what they’re doing and why. I deconstruct ’em.

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