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“We have the Republican candidate for president essentially suggesting that if you want to come into this country and attack Americans because of their gender or because of their sexual orientation — if you have a problem with gays or with women or with any other minority group — we’re not gonna let you in. And naturally, the Republican’s being called a bigot.”

“There is an all-out war on Western Civilization, and there’s only one candidate willing to even admit that and then devise a foreign policy designed to thwart it. The other candidate won’t even admit there’s a war on Western Civilization because in many ways the Democrat Party is a combatant in trying to undermine it.”

“ISIS has openly said, ‘Oh, yeah, we got a bunch of our guys in that bunch of Syrian refugees that are gonna be admitted into your country.’ And the party that’s got the borders open and welcoming all that into the country is the Democrat Party.”

“Do you want to admit people into this country who are genuinely oriented against women and gays and lesbians and transgenders? That’s what Mrs. Clinton wants to do, with no questions asked. I mean, it’s clear as it can be. None of this is arguable.”

“ISIS wants Donald Trump to be president like a turkey wants Thanksgiving every year.”

“Who is it that lesbians and gays and women consider to be their defenders and their number one protectors? The Democrat Party. Who does Hillary Clinton want to let into this country just because? Just because they are Islamists, just because they’re Syrian, just because? She wants to let into this country people who, as part of their religion, must discriminate against gays and lesbians. We know how Islam regards women, and we know how Islam regards homosexuality.” 

“Whatever Trump’s policies are, they are rooted in the defense and the protection of United States and its people.”  

“I will explain what I’m talking about as the program gets underway because that’s what the program’s for. It’s for me to explain to you what’s going on and what I think about it.” 

“The Democrat Party seems to find common ground with every anti-American group they can out there. They find common ground with every ‘minority’ no matter what.”  

“You leftists out there, you can get mad at me all you want. I know that hearing the truth sometimes is challenging for you.” 

“Did you hear what Newt just said here? He said in some ways Trump’s is the most important foreign policy speech since Ronald Reagan. Now, we all know that Newt is given to hyperbole. But that’s Newt.” 

“ISIS wants Hillary! The Syrian refugees want Hillary. The illegal alien representatives want Hillary. All of the people who want to come in to this country want Hillary, not Trump.” 

“You’d never know it, but Trump’s speech contained a whole bunch of profundities. Trump’s speech contained some amazing things, but you’re not hearing about that.” 

“Did you see Mrs. Clinton yesterday at that rally with Biden? Oh. She doesn’t look well. And I’m trying to be generous, understanding. She does not look well.” 

“You people who live in Tennessee in the Obamacare exchange? Reports are that your premiums will increase 40% or more starting in October ’cause of Obamacare. Yeah. Hubba hubba.” 

“This is literally embarrassing to have to do this story, but it’s out there. Have you heard about this Japanese pole vaulter? His nickname is obviously gonna be something like The Flopper after this. Imagine, folks, the ignominious distinction here of having lost your dream — a record-setting pole vault — because your penis flopped up against the crossbar as you’re going over the thing.” 

“I have long believed that the Democrat Party is made up of common, ordinary, everyday people that just happen to be Democrats because they grew up that way and to them the Democrat Party is FDR and JFK and all that. But I’m not so sure. I think the Democrat Party has become almost thoroughly radicalized.”  

“Since the Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of dependent people, uninterested or incapable of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, we keep the borders open. And since the Chamber of Commerce wants those people for cheap labor, the Republican Party’s been brought on board to now support the whole concept of amnesty.” 

“This campaign… It’s hard for people to understand this level of ambition. Most people don’t have it. Most people don’t have it, because most people don’t have the singular craving for power that the Clinton’s have.” 

“Colin Powell, at one time, almost ran for president. He had a 73% approval rating. He wouldn’t even identify the party that he was in! He had a 73% approval rating. The minute he identified as a Republican, that 73% became 60% — and then when he came out with his opinion on abortion, it ended up a little bit below 50.” 

“Remember all the grief Bush got for flying over New Orleans and not landing there? Remember the grief Bush got when all he did was fly over in Air Force One? Obama hasn’t even gone to Louisiana, he hasn’t even made any pretense, and where is Obama in Milwaukee?”     

“Everything’s going as planned for Obama. This Obamacare, Aetna bopping out, part of the plan, mission accomplished. Black Lives Matter raising hell everywhere, mission accomplished.” 

“These people that vote Democrat are ignorant. They’re ignorant because they’ve been lied to. They really don’t know how economics function. They don’t know what commerce is. They really believe trickle-down is rich people giving money away.”

“Imagine running any business and have the president pass a law that says every citizen has to buy what you sell. You’d kind of love that president, too. And you’d sign up.”

“Aetna lost $200 million in a business where every American was required to buy their product. And the CEO still praises these exchanges, talks about how wonderful they are. He can’t separate from Obama. He’s got to maintain the cronyism, but he’s getting out of the business to save the company.”

“In their world, Bill had his turn; now it’s hers. And he’s gotta go into the background like Hillary did and put up with all the crap she put up with.”

“Obamacare, it’s a disaster for everybody that comes in contact with it.”

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