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According to the Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen is in hot water. The company was involved in a cheating scandal to get around environmental regulations. And now Justice Department investigators are considering criminal charges.

Last year, the German automaker admitted it installed illegal software in millions of cars worldwide to fool emissions tests.

So far, Volkswagen is on the hook for over $15 billion in civil penalties. But reaching a deal with the Justice Department could end up costing the company billions more especially if criminal charges are brought.

These German corporate types may know how to make cars, and install illegal software, but they sure don’t know how to play the American game of politics. If they did, Volkswagen execs would have already donated millions to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. And today, they’d have friends in very high places.

Just think: when the illegal software was discovered, a private meeting could have been arranged, at an out-of-the-way airport tarmac. Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch could have had a discussion about grandkids.

Then next thing you know we would hear an announcement that Volkswagen did cheat the system and flout the rules but they were just very careless. They didn’t intend any harm. And no prosecutor looking at the evidence would even think about bringing charges.

That’s how you play the game! And they didn’t play the game, and they’re paying. Big time. 

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