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RUSH: I want to play a sound bite from one of the protestors, unidentified, talking Saturday night in Milwaukee.  I want you to listen to what this man says.  Is this…? Folks, not only does this embody what socialism and liberalism and communism and everything — but, more importantly, this is exactly what I have told you. This is exactly how the left has distorted the definition of what trickle-down economics is.PROTESTOR:  It’s sad, because, you know, this [is] what happen because they not helping the black community. Like, you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they not, like, you know, trying [to] give us none.

RUSH:  That’s what trickle-down has become.  “The rich are getting all the money.  The rich are taking all the money, and they’re not sharing it. They’re not giving it to us! They’re taking it from us, but they’re not giving any of it to us.”  That’s exactly how the left has succeeded.  That young man there may not know it, but he has perfectly regurgitated what the Democrat Party has succeeded in doing, in defining trickle-down economics. “Trickle-down economics” is simply economic commerce taking place.  But no!

Trickle-down is the rich taking all the money and then hoarding it, not giving it back to anybody.


RUSH: I want you to listen again to this unidentified guy, audio sound bite 16, this is from Channel 4 Eyewitness News Milwaukee, WTMJ-TV. They found this guy walking around, a protestor, and he was asked why they’re rioting, what are you rioting about?  I mean, the cop, black cop, shot an African-American thug that was armed and was fleeing the scene.  Why you rioting? 

And note the answer is not even about the incident.  The incident just provided the opportunity.  The incident provided simply another chance to raise hell and to express grievance.  But listen to this again.

PROTESTOR:  It’s sad, because, you know, this [is] what happen because they not helping the black community. Like, you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they not, like, you know, trying [to] give us none.

RUSH:  Okay, I’m telling you, folks, I can’t emphasize this enough.  That is exactly, exactly how the Democrat Party since 1983, since 1983 has been defining Reagan economics, Reaganomics, trickle-down, whatever, they crucify it, they criticize it, they cream it, and they claim it doesn’t work, that it makes the rich richer. The rich get rich by taking money from the poor, and it never trickles back down. They never give it to ’em, they never donate it, they never hire ’em, whatever, they never give it to ’em. 

And of course that’s not what trickle-down is.  Trickle-down is you go to the hardware store to buy a chain saw to go out and cut down some wood to use for your fireplace, that’s trickle-down.  Everybody benefits from your decision to buy the chain saw.  Trickles down, your purchase trickles down.  Trickle-down is economic commerce, and the more of it the better.  And since the rich spend money, too, there’s really a lot of trickle-down from them. 

But, no, no, no, no.  Not according to the Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, you name it, trickle-down is the rich stealing as much money as they can, getting richer, and then not giving it to anybody.  Now, at the root of all this, as it always is, is money.  No matter what anybody tells you, at the root of all this is economics and the fact that there is poverty and that people are poor, while others aren’t.  And the Democrat Party has been exploiting that and teaching the wrong lessons for as long as I’ve been alive. 

The evidence is abundant right in front of us.  We live in an absolute economic disaster given that we are the United States of America.  The unemployment rate’s not 5%.  It’s 23%.  There are 94 million Americans not working.  There is massive inflation, yet we’re told there isn’t any.  If you don’t think there’s inflation, compare what you buy today to what you paid for it five years ago or last year.  There is inflation.  But officially the inflation rate is zero.  Not true.  Because the inflation rate is zero, banks aren’t lending any money because they say they can’t.  Now we talk about interest rates where you’re gonna have to pay the bank for keeping your money. 

The Federal Reserve has printed $5 trillion, and it’s all gone to Wall Street, hoping for trickle-down, yeah, from Wall Street to Main Street.  Hasn’t happened because that’s top down or bottom up and that’s not how trickle-down actually works when you involve Wall Street in the mix.  But the point is, while people are being told there’s an economic recovery going on, there isn’t.  But these dummkopfs, they believe it, they know nothing better.  They already think trickle-down’s something that it isn’t. 

At the same time they hear this great recovery, they hear Obama talk about it, Hillary talk about it, they hear Biden talk about it.  “Yeah, it could be better and we’re gonna make it better,” but there’s all these new jobs being created, except these people don’t have ’em. And all this money is being made and all this wealth, these houses, you can’t afford to buy a house anymore, it’s so expensive, these people can’t.  So all around ’em is evidence of economic growth when there really isn’t any because primarily they’re being told it.  They don’t have any, and they haven’t been told, they don’t know how to measure on their own economic activity. They’re totally prisoners to whatever the government tells the media and the media tells them.  They have been trained to smirk at work, the concept of work. 

That’s part of the rigged system, because only favorites get the good paying jobs, in their world.  So there’s nothing legit about the US economy.  So the only hope they’ve got is for the federal government and state government being Santa Claus.  Well, of course, the federal government can’t be Santa Claus and make everybody rich.  We’re already $20 trillion in debt and counting.  The government isn’t making anybody rich with handouts, with welfare, no matter how you count it unless you want to talk about the relatively few cases of people exploiting welfare, fraudulently and making a living out of that.

But these people, I actually feel sorry for ’em.  They have been lied to their whole lives about the lack of opportunity in America.  The game is rigged against them, it’s all stacked, largely because they’re black, they’re told.  Or because they’re minorities.  So they’re seething with rage out there, and that’s fomented as well.  There are real-world reasons for this disparity in income, and it has nothing to do with capitalism.  It has everything to do with socialism and the false promise and the liars who make up the leaders in a socialistic government or enterprise.  

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