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“It never works going after the media if you are the candidate. It makes you look small. Besides, despite what many people think, the media isn’t on the ballot.” 

“What did this election really turn out to be about? It turns out to be trying to take away all of the reins of power and all of the perks and everything associated with being a member of the establishment. Did anybody think that the establishment — be they Republican, Democrat, Martian, communist, whatever — is just gonna sit around and leave that up to the democratic process? They are not.”

“There are real-world reasons for this disparity in income, and it has nothing to do with capitalism. It has everything to do with socialism and the false promise and the liars who make up the leaders in a socialistic government or enterprise.” 

“Trump was in Fairfield, Connecticut. Number one, what’s Trump doing in Connecticut? There are maybe 10 Republicans there, and only five of them will admit it.”

“I’ll never forget Leon Panetta and his resignation day as chief of staff. He was just sucking up to Clinton like you can’t believe. He was giving Bill Clinton credit for every damn good thing that’s ever happened in the world since God created it. It was the most slavish… He was so kiss-ass that I thought he was gonna die of anal poisoning. I really did.” 

“I have never believed — because I have intelligence guided by 28 years of experience — that we are going to ‘illegal’ the Clintons out of office. Scandal is not ever going to harm them. There is no evidence that it ever has.” 

“People who are opposed to Hillary — and I am at the top of that list. I’m the head of that club, waiting for some kind of magic to happen. People have been waiting for that to happen, to befall the Clintons for as long as they’ve been in national public life. Nothing’s happened.” 

“I think Black Lives Matter is almost approaching unionized gang status now. They have imprimatur from the White House. They have their leaders up there honored for the great work that they do, and they’re rabble-rousers.”  

“Electing Barack Obama was supposed to set us on the path to fixing all this, to solving all this, to promoting unity. He was gonna make sure that the disadvantaged got theirs. And of course the disadvantaged and the minorities, they’re angrier than ever. They’re more upset than ever.” 

“Liberalism is the most destructive forest in our country today, bar none.” 

“In our modern era and these two or three generations alive today, to some the violence is precedent setting. I mean, somebody has to stoke this anger, somebody has to feed it, somebody has to lie to them.”

“The unemployment rate’s not 5%. It’s 23%. There are 94 million Americans not working.”

“There is massive inflation, yet we’re told there isn’t any. If you don’t think there’s inflation, compare what you buy today to what you paid for it five years ago or last year. There is inflation. But officially the inflation rate is zero. Not true.”

“The government isn’t making anybody rich with handouts, with welfare, no matter how you count it unless you want to talk about the relatively few cases of people exploiting welfare, fraudulently and making a living out of that.”   

“The criminal element is mad they don’t have money, but the problem is they have never been taught. It’s never been impressed upon them the legitimate way to earn money. It’s out there to be earned. It’s out there to be had. But they don’t know how. They’ve been told they can’t.”   

“The emails, the shmemails! Folks, there’s nothing that’s gonna happen with the emails. I don’t care what’s found in them. We should know that by now.” 

“The nuclear family is coming under attack, and families are being redefined to become normal with whatever anybody wants their family to be. As a result it’s disintegrating one of the most fundamental building blocks of an ordered, mannered, cultured society. And it’s also being done on purpose.” 

“The dissolution the American family in certain neighborhoods didn’t just happen. It’s like economics. This is not just cyclical. We’re not just in a bad time for families in America. This is the result of specific policies being implemented.” 

“The Democrat solution to economic stability is to find somebody to blame — that’s usually their political opponent — and then make the government grow and grow and grow, and talk about how you’re taking more from the rich and you’re gonna give it to the downtrodden. Create the notion of Santa Claus.” 

“We’ve always had economic divisions, but what’s different now is that those at the top have no concept of belonging to a country. And so they have no concept of fellow citizens. Their interests go beyond patriotic things or nation oriented things. It’s not enough to call ’em globalists, although that may be what they are.” 

“Liberals think rugged individualism and self-reliance is nothing more than greed and selfishness. So the left has done more than just promise handouts and turned it into an addiction. They have stigmatized the solutions and have made them popularly unacceptable, uncool.” 

“When was the last Republican mayor in Milwaukee, 1908? I mean, Republicans haven’t had a say-so in this town, in its culture, in its dominant governance in decades.” 

“Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is going to be just lambasted as an Uncle Tom, as a traitor, as a sellout, as a tool for everything he’s said. But he’s right on the money.” 

“This is as the rioters were initially threatening the cops who were trying to keep the peace during the afternoon, after everybody thought that once again, white cops had shot an unarmed black. It wasn’t the case. It was an armed black fleeing the scene of a crime shot by an African-American cop.” 

“Folks, not only does this embody what socialism and liberalism and communism and everything — but, more importantly, this is exactly what I have told you. This is exactly how the left has distorted the definition of what trickle-down economics is.” 

“Just like the current economy of the country, is a direct result of specific policies being implemented, so is the condition of the American family. It is the result of specific policies implemented by the Democrat Party.”  

“Some are born with good brains; some aren’t. I was.”  

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