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If you’re a Seattle landlord, you might as well be a common criminal.

Starting in January, Seattle’s liberal government will force landlords to rent housing units to whichever qualified applicant shows up first. By law, it’s now first come, first served. Landlords are forbidden to use their own judgement in selecting renters for “their” properties.

Councilmember Lisa Herbold, one of the champions of the policy, says when landlords pick a renter, their own “biases” come into play. Of course Councilmember Herbold, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, Can’t-Mind-Her-Own-Business, is unaware she’s showing her bias. She’s smearing people without an iota of proof.

Shanna Smith, with the National Fair Housing Alliance, is orgasmic. “We know landlords skip people all the time, and often the people they skip are people of color, people with vouchers, and families with children,” she says. How does she “know” all this? Magic. She just knows.

You Seattle landlords: you’ve just been tarnished as racist and bigots, and given marching orders on choosing your tenants. The liberals who run your city really believe they can manage your property better than you can. Because you’re just a creep! 

If landlords don’t push back on this, it’s gonna spread fast. Why anybody in Seattle would rent out property they “own” after this is beyond me.

There’s a lesson here. Liberals from Hillary Clinton to Councilwoman Lisa Herbold, are insufferable! And their mission in life, is to make hard-working American achiever’s lives completely miserable, and not their own! 

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