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RUSH:  All right, now, look, there’s a headline here on Fox News.  You got Hillary and Biden out there in Pennsylvania, and the headline:  “Clinton Attempts to Win Over the Working Class.”  Now, stop and think about that for a minute.  The working class has another name.  The working class is known as the little guy, and who is it that the Democrats have always been on the lookout for?  Well, the little guy. 

Well, who have they lost?  The Democrats seem to have lost ground with white blue-collar people.  Unionized people, they’ve lost ground with them.  The union leaders donate money to the Democrats left and right, but Hillary had to pick up Bite Me and they had to head out there to Pennsylvania, Scranton and so forth to try to shore up support among working-class people. 

Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not one to grasp at straws.  It seems to me if you are in the midst of a huge landslide win over a flailing and failing Donald Trump, why do you not yet have your traditional core constituency wrapped up?  Now, I know that the Democrats made a conscious effort — this goes back to 2011.  It was in November and there was a guy, Thomas B. Edsall, used to write for the Washington Post, who became an advisor of sorts.  And he wrote how Obama was writing off the white working class as a constituency, as an electoral force. 

The reason was, of course, is that the white working class happened to be the primary group affected negatively by illegal immigration.  And Obama had sided with the illegal immigrants, which is exactly, by the way, what Hillary’s doing.  Hillary’s out there making a big pitch for the DREAMers.  She’s making a big pitch to get them registered, to get them able to vote.  It’s exactly what we’ve always told you: illegal immigration really is for the Democrats.  It’s a voter registration drive.  


RUSH: Audio sound bite time.  I want you to hear a little bit of Mrs. Clinton today.  She and Bite Me are in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and basically what Hillary’s saying America’s so great, everything out there is wonderful and fine, we just need to keep doing more of this and maybe improve it a little bit, and Trump’s not qualified. Trump is unfit.  Here’s how it sounds…

HILLARY:  The story of the Rodhams and the Bidens isn’t unique.  What’s unique is the country where those stories were written.  No matter what Donald Trump says, America is great and —

FOLLOWERS: (cheers)

HILLARY: — and the American dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise.

RUSH:  You know, things have gotten so reversed.  Trump is not… Trump is not saying America isn’t great.  Trump is saying the exact opposite.  Trump is saying America is great and can be again, but that these people are destroying it!  This whole characterization of Trump and his speech as a dark, dank place that America is, with no hope for anybody? No, no, no, no! That’s the Democrats’ views.  The Democrats don’t know what to do, now that they have somehow, in their minds, inherited the mantle of optimism.

They really don’t know how to do it ’cause they don’t believe this. 

They don’t go out and sell the American dream. They don’t sell self-reliance. They don’t sell rugged individualism! They don’t sell, “Pull yourself up from your boot straps!” They sell the exact opposite.  But given half the chance, look at what they do. They can’t wait to appropriate that stuff, like Hillary Clinton trying to make you think that she and Joe Biden grew up on the wrong side of the tracks (laughing) and through hard work and stick-to-itiveness, they overcame all these obstacles and have reached the pinnacle. 

When do you hear Democrats talk that way lately?  They don’t. 

They’re not comfortable talking that way, but they think Trump has ceded the whole notion of America in trouble to them.  They’re missing that.  That’s not what Trump is saying.  Trump is doing what most of the rest of us are doing, lamenting the American greatness that’s being whittled away by people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.  Here’s the next bite.

HILLARY:  First, we’re going to make the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.

RUSH:  Stop the tape.  I knew it couldn’t last.  So right off of (imitating Hillary), “No matter what Donald Trump says, America is great, and the American dream is big enough for everyone to share.”  And how’s that American dream manifest?  Government.  Government’s gonna be out there growing and expanding and we’re gonna make the biggest investment in new good-paying jobs since World War II. 

I think it’s sad people fall for this.  We have to admit that they do.  But I’d like people to think about it rationally.  How in the world does this work?  How does Washington invest in the best paying jobs since World War II.  When you want one of those jobs, where are you gonna go to get it and what’s the job gonna be?  What is it?  Somebody tell me?  Some of you liberal Democrats, please, tell me, what are these jobs gonna be? 

Hillary’s gonna put together the biggest investment in new good-paying jobs since World War II.  Where do I go to get one of them?  And what are they gonna be?  What are these big paying jobs?  I mean, she’s gonna have the best and the brightest come up with this investment, what is she gonna invest in?  Where do you go, if you are an investor, “I want to invest in high-paying jobs,” where do you go do that?  What is the investment?  Where do you put the money?  What’s the job?  What are the jobs?  Maybe finding Hillary’s emails.  I doubt that’s gonna be high paying.  I don’t think they want anybody to find ’em. 

Oh, that’s right, infrastructure.  We’re gonna build roads and bridges.  Yeah, okay.  So let’s take a look at the Forbes 500, 500 richest people in the world, how many of them build roads and bridges?  Not own the companies that do it.  How many of them build the roads and bridges?  She said high-paying jobs.  We’re gonna rebuild the roads, we’re gonna rebuild the bridges, we’re gonna rebuild the schools, even though we did that 2009, if you remember.  And we did it with a lot more money.  Mrs. Clinton’s investment here is $250 billion.  I think she’s put a number to it.

But this is insane.  Government doesn’t create high-paying jobs, not of the kind you can get.  The high paying government jobs, if you work at a law firm and the Democrats hire, you represent them at a committee hearing.  That’s a high paying government job when you already have a law firm, and you already have your thousand-dollars-an-hour rate and they hire you.  But there is no government — what are you gonna do?  Where are the jobs?  Where do you apply?  What kind of work you gonna be doing when Hillary’s vast expert team gets finished? 

And where are we gonna have to wait?  Why have we had to wait?  If Mrs. Clinton knows how to do this, why not tell Obama in 2009?  If you love the American people, and if you see the economy’s kind of struggling, and you know how to make investments that create good-paying jobs, best paying jobs since World War II, why do we have to wait until you get elected to see what this is?  Why, Mrs. Clinton, didn’t you do this?  You’ve been around in government for 30 years.  Why only now? 

And if you lose, Mrs. Clinton, are you not gonna tell Trump how to do it, so that if you lose we could all wave bye-bye to these high-paying jobs.  We’re being blackmailed?  We have to elect you for this investment in high-paying jobs to happen?  We have to elect you to find out where to go to apply for the job?  We have to elect you to find out what the work is, that’s gonna pay us so much, more than anybody since World War II? 

A responsible press corps would ask her these questions.  What are these jobs?  “You know, I work for the Oshkosh Gazette and I make $70,000 a year, I want to make $200,000, where do I go, Mrs. Clinton, to get one of your jobs?”  They’ll never ask that question, but that’s what should happen.


RUSH: Grab the rest of that Hillary bite, number 26.  Play the whole thing again.  We got time to squeeze. Listen to everything she says here in addition to this massive investment to create all these great paying jobs. 

HILLARY:  First, we are going to make the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.  (cheers) Second, we’re going to make college debt-free for all.  Third, we’re going to crack down on companies that ship jobs and profits overseas.  And we’re gonna reward companies that share profits with their employees, like the Scranton Lace Company did almost a century ago.  (cheers) Fourth, we’re gonna make sure that Wall Street corporations and the super rich finally pay their fair share of taxes.

RUSH:  Okay, stop it.

HILLARY:  And fifth —

RUSH:  Stop it.  I need some time here.  Folks, I’m just telling you, this is identical to what I heard Bill Clinton campaigning on in 1992. For 25 years the Democrats have been promising the same stuff.  And if you add it up, you’d have to conclude the Democrats have not done any of this.  Apparently there’s still a bunch of Wall Street that they have got to keep from ripping you off.  And apparently they’ve been promising you to get rid of your student loan problem for 25 or 30 years, and they haven’t been able to do it. 

It’s the same litany.  They’re gonna raise taxes on the rich. They’re gonna raise taxes on business. They’re gonna punish this business or that business.  Those businesses are still there.  The only businesses losing money are theirs, like wind and solar.  These people, none of what they offer works.  They never pull it off.

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