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RUSH:  Okay.  So Donald Trump’s in Erie, and he’s on a roll.  I’ve been laughing myself silly here the last three minutes.  He’s talking about campaign donations.  This crowd is raucous. This crowd in Erie is just loaded for bear, and he’s saying (imitating Trump), “I’m funding my own campaign. I’m paying for it. I didn’t finance it. I’m payin’ it, right?  Right?  And I spent less than all these other experts.  Look, I know a guy that spent a hundred million, came in seventh.  I spent one-tenth of that, and I won in a landslide.  Who do you want for your president, huh?” 

And they erupt, and he turns around and basks in all the applause and the glory.  This one reminds me of Trump in the primaries (imitating Trump), “Pennsylvania, you’re not doing too good, you people, you’re not doing too good. Look at all the manufacturing jobs you lost.  You didn’t lose ’em.  They were taken from you!”  They erupt in applause. 

So here’s Michael in Orange, Texas, Open Line Friday continues.  How are you, sir?

CALLER:  Oh, pretty good.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  My dad would be very happy.  I would like to connect the dots with Arab Spring and ISIS.  Obama encouraged and even praised Arab Spring while American troops were being pulled out of Iraq.  Then at the same time he was calling ISIS the JV team.  Now they’re the varsity team.  Is there a connection?

RUSH:  Sure.  Did you ask me, is there a connection?


RUSH:  See, now, this is a frustrating thing about Trump.  See, Trump didn’t acknowledge the bit on time.  I acknowledged the bit on time.  When I engage in what I’ve always called illustrating absurdity by being absurd, well, that is — I’ll give you an example of it.  “Barack Obama founded ISIS.  He’s the founder of ISIS.”  Predictably, the media will erupt and go nuts and a lot of people will go nuts and you let ’em go nuts, and you stand by it for a couple hours.  “No, I damn well meant.”  And then once you’ve got everybody really revved up and focused, then you reveal the gag.  And then you say, “No, of course he didn’t found it, but he may as well have.” Then when you’ve got everybody’s attention, then you explain the woeful inept policy of Obama leaving Iraq that left it fertile ground for ISIS. 

ISIS is really nothing more than Al-Qaeda in Iraq.  And they were around even during the George W. Bush days, but they didn’t manifest into this dominant terror group they are ’til Obama pulled out of Iraq.  Well, Trump blew the timing.  He stuck with it one day too long.  If you’re gonna do something like this, which is, I don’t know, call it a bit or whatever, it’s a technique.  If you’re gonna use a technique like this to focus people’s attention so that when you tell ’em what you really mean, you’ve got 100 percent of their attention.  That’s how you do it. 

Sometimes, folks, with you, I even tell you before I’m gonna do it. “Folks, stand by, we got a media tweak coming.  Later tonight they’re gonna go bonkers over this.”  I let you in on it sometimes before I do it.  Trump just waited a day too long to let everybody in on what he was talking about.  Now he’s out there, “No, I was being sarcastic, no, I was being sarcastic.”  His instincts on this stuff are right on the money.  Timing needs some advice.

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