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“It’s Open Line Friday where you can ask any question you want without having to give any money to my foundation.”

“What’s been going on with the Clinton Foundation is absolutely crooked and corrupt. You know, she is a woman who has a long history of not abiding by the law and of getting away with it. There is just a level of slime and sleaze associated with the Clinton family, and we know in Wyoming we’ve gotta do everything possible to make sure they never get anywhere near the Oval Office.” -Liz Cheney 

“Seventy percent of the American people are not happy with the direction we’re going, and Hillary Clinton has been there every step of the way. Whatever has gone wrong in this country, Hillary Clinton’s been there. Donald Trump hasn’t been, no matter what else you want to say.”

“Guess what the top priorities in this Bloomberg poll are? Number one: Unemployment and jobs. Number two: Terrorism. Number three: Decline in income. All of those can be attached to failed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton policies if somebody would just do it.” 

“There is no way you’re gonna get Trump supporters to agree with the proposition that he’s down in the dumps and dark and negative and pessimistic and all is lost. It’s the exact opposite, in fact. The pessimism is associated with Hillary Clinton. She wants more of the same — and more of the same would be dark and dank and America in decline.” 

“So, 96% of Hillary’s charitable donations went to the Clinton Foundation! Yeah, 96%, they donated to themselves.” 

“While all of this was going on, the secretary of state, one Hillary Rodham Clinton, directed her internet technology chief to build an illegal, private, hidden server in order to connect the Department of State with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.”  

“Hillary Clinton has a 30-year record, you listen to what she says she wants to do and this utopia she wants to create. Why don’t people see she’s been at it 30 years and hasn’t accomplished anything. She’s still complaining about the same things that she came into politics complaining about.” 

“The actual Olympic competition that’s televised could be done in 30 minutes. Three-and-a-half hours is puff piece pap about the venue, about the athletes, about the crime in Rio, about what to do if you get kidnapped in Rio, who you pay the ransom to, and the pollution.” 

“The Drive-By Media, they have already got Trump buried, except they don’t. They are scared to death things are gonna blow up on Hillary Clinton.”  

“The Democrats have nominated the absolute most vulnerable, worst candidate they could have put up there, because they had to. They owed her.” 

“There is nothing about Hillary Clinton that is in any way familiar or common in terms of the gifts that Obama and Bill Clinton have in the realm of politics. She just is skilless and talentless in this stuff. And they know it.”     

“There was San Bernardino, there was Fort Hood, there’s been any number of these things, and what do we hear? We can’t call it what it is. I mean, if there’s another terror attack, of course Hillary is vulnerable, because she’s part of the Obama crowd that’s tried to tell us that we haven’t seen what we see, that we’re wrong, it’s not Islam. I mean, they cover for ’em.” 

“I think our enemies are looking at Barack Obama as practically — well, I was gonna say ally. I’ll say godsend. Look at the Middle East. ISIS, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, whatever they want, they take.” 

“The Clinton Foundation is raising money based on promises being made by Hillary Clinton in the State Department. People applying for positions in the foundation are asking for access to Mrs. Clinton. You talk about the appearance of impropriety. This is exactly what the Drive-Bys are worried about.” 

“The Drive-Bys are scared to death that something’s out there that could end her candidacy, and it isn’t Trump. It’s her own work product, her emails and all the rest of that.” 

“Our elected leaders have nothing in common nor any interest with the vast majority of the people who live in the country. They have a condescending view of most people. It’s very class-conscious now.” 

“There is a greater divide between the people that lead the countries and the people who elect ’em, or who live in the country, than there has ever been. That’s always been the case in socialist democracies.”

“I really believe with some acknowledged exceptions that most of the CEOs in this country are like most of the small business people, and in the normal run of events, wouldn’t want anything to do with Obama. That they realize Obama’s poison. Because he believes Big Business, any kind of business, is suspect. He doesn’t like capitalism.”  

“If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the distance between leaders and the governed. But more than that, the attitude of leaders toward the governed to look down on us, to think that we’re nincompoops, that we’re incompetent, that we’re incapable. And, furthermore, that we’re so dumb, we can’t stop ’em anyway no matter how organized we get. I think that’s actually what’s happening.”




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