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Dingy Harry Reid has reared his ugly head. The Senate Minority Leader announced last week he’s planning to “force” a vote on Merrick Garland.

Remember him? Most Americans don’t. He’s the guy President Obama picked in March to fill the seat of Justice Scalia. Since then, his Supreme Court nomination has gone absolutely nowhere.

Dingy Harry warned Republicans he’ll give them “one last shot” to vote on the nomination before he employs procedural moves to force a vote. When the Senators come back from recess in September, they’d better do what Dingy wants � or else.

Or else what? Well, Democrats will pull out their secret maneuver. It’s called a “discharge motion.” The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is now in charge of the Garland nomination, refuses to vote on it. But if Democrats can muster 60 votes, they can discharge it from the committee and force the entire Senate to vote on it.

That’s their big secret weapon.

There’s only one problem. Republicans run the Senate. Dingy Harry and the Democrats don’t have 60 votes. If they did, ol’ Merrick Garland would already be wearing a Supreme Court robe.

Dingy Harry knows what a ridiculous long shot this is. So why even try? Here’s why. Despite what Democrats say in public, they are sick with worry that Hillary Clinton is going to lose. They’re terrified Trump will be elected, and fill the Scalia vacancy. Dingy Harry just wants to get that filled because they’re panicked. 

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