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RUSH: As I’m wandering through the news last night and today and even during the day yesterday, as I’m preparing this program, it is stunning how so many reporters and commentators and guests and analysts in the Drive-By Media are really, really worried about this whole Hillary Clinton email business.  And not this new investigation that we thought yesterday wasn’t happening; it turns out it is happening. 

It’s just it’s not happening from the DOJ.  But the FBI is looking into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  It’s being run out of the Manhattan US attorney’s office and the FBI there.  Now, it could still eventuate that Loretta Lynch in Washington at the DOJ would say to the New York office — the Manhattan attorney’s office — “Just screw it. We’re not going anywhere with it,” but the investigation is happening. 

But even before you get there, just what has been learned to date, it’s amazing how many people in the Drive-By Media really do believe that there are deep enough and long enough legs in this story that this could have a huge damaging effect on her candidacy.  Why would they think that?  Because up ’til now, they’ve been pooh-poohing the whole idea. “What’s this email? Why would that matter? There’s no big deal! We know everything there is to know about it.  Comey said he’s not gonna prosecute.  Comey said nobody would prosecute.”

And yet, of all the things — of all the things out there — that you would think, that I would think might make Hillary Clinton’s campaign vulnerable that might cause her problems, it’s this. It’s this email thing. It’s the fear that WikiLeaks has more and is holding whatever they’re gonna dump next until October.  There is fear that she has so blatantly lied about all of this that there’s no way it can’t come back and bite her, and that it will be made understandable to people/to voters who right now may find it just too complicated to care about. 

It’s stunning how worried they are.  I’ll share details of what I’m talking about as we get to the audio sound bites and other elements in the news today.  And the Washington Post.  How many of you people — just in your consumption of the news every day — have concluded that the Drive-Bys think this is over?  I mean, Trump’s finished. Trump doesn’t have a prayer.  I mean, that’s the narrative each day. That seems to me the foundation of every story that’s out there. 

You hear stories now about fundraising problems at the RNC, that Republicans down the ballot are urging Reince Priebus to stop spending any money on Trump, that it’s a waste of money.  Trump’s saying, “What do you mean, stop spending money on me?  I’m the guy raising the money.  Screw you! If you stop spending the money on me, you’re not gonna have any money because I’m the only guy raising money for you.”

Meanwhile, down-ballot Republicans — hearing that they’re gonna lose in a landslide — are demanding the RNC essentially concede that fact, forget the Trump campaign (’cause it’s “over”), and start trying to save the House and the Senate.  Then, of course, we had the 50 former national security aides (Republicans) all writing or signing a letter claiming that Trump’s outrageously unqualified and unfit, and there’s a great response to this one today that I can’t wait to share with you. 

But amidst all of this — amidst all of this narrative that Trump’s finished… “The election’s over. It’s gone. There’s nothing he can do. He’s so far down in the polls. There’s no way! There’s no way he can make any of it back.” This seems to be the narrative, and yet the Drive-Bys are worried silly over Hillary’s email scandal. Not all of ’em, but a lot of them are.  And then I found this in the Washington Post, and I want to just share the headline with you: “If Donald Trump Wins in 2016, Remember This One Poll Number.”

I said, “Whoa.  What do you mean, ‘If Donald Trump Wins…’?  I thought everybody at the Washington Post and the New York Times and CNN and everywhere else had Trump buried already.  This campaign was finished.  It’s over.  That is what they’re trying to make everybody think.  So I was intrigued, because I’m a person of endless curiosity.  The story’s by somebody named Aaron Blake, and it begins this way: “Donald Trump is struggling in the polls, and he doesn’t seem to have any desire to change anything.”

By the way, that’s another part of this.  The Drive-Bys seem to think Trump’s okay with losing now, ’cause he’s talking about how great a life he’s gonna have if he loses.  “Oh, yeah, yeah! I’ll be able to relax, put my feet up. It’s gonna be great.” They’re hearing that as, “He doesn’t even care anymore.  Trump’s so convinced he’s gonna lose, he’s even talking about it,” and yet: “If Donald Trump Wins in 2016, Remember This One Poll Number.” In fact, Aaron Blake quotes Trump. “He said [yesterday] morning that he’ll “just keep doing the same thing I’m doing right now.”

No need to change.  He’s gonna keep doing everything he did that got him victories in the primaries: Why should I change anything?  Trump is quoted as saying, “‘At the end it’s either gonna work or I’m gonna — well, I’m gonna very, very nice, long vacation,’ he added.  And indeed some are starting to predict that Trump is due for very, very nice, long vacation after November 8th.  But if he’s not,” writes Aaron Blake, “remember this poll number.”  And here it is:

“Bloomberg in its new survey attempted to approximate Trump’s view of the state of affairs in the United States, and it did the same for Clinton. Here’s the Trump description (which didn’t name him but is [obvious]).” What Bloomberg did here is present to people in their poll two descriptions of the current state and direction of the country and asked people to choose which one they most or more identified with.  So here is the Trump description:

“‘The US is in a dark and dangerous place, with threats from overseas and within our borders.’ And here’s the [Bloomberg] Clinton description: ‘The US is in a strong position for progress on the economy and national security.'” So voters in this poll were given two options to sign on with whichever direction they think the country’s headed in.  Again, “The US is in a dark and dangerous place, threats from overseas and within our borders,” or what Hillary’s out trying to say:

Hey, things are great! We are “in a strong position” on our economy; recovery is right around the corner! It’s gonna grow like crazy, and our national security has never been better.  “Given those two options,” and this is a likely voter poll, “56% … picked the Trump version, and 40% picked the Clinton version.” Now, that’s a total of 96%; so 4% were undecided. 

This is a 16-point advantage for Trump.  So Mr. Blake is saying after all of this is said and done and if Trump wins this, he thinks it’s gonna be this answer, that a huge majority of Americans think that we’re on the wrong track, and that Hillary Clinton’s answer to it doesn’t even address it honestly. It’s a 14-point swing.  I just mention this because if you know how to digest these Drive-Bys, they will tell you what bothers them.

I mean, while they’re out bragging and acting all arrogant and condescending about how it’s over and Trump’s a fool and they’ve succeeded in defeating him and it’s just a matter of time. If you know where to look and you know how to read these guys and interpret what they’re saying, you can find out what their fears really are.  That’s come I know that they’re scared to death over this Hillary email.  They’re even coming out and admitting that. 

But this one! You know what this is akin to?  This is akin to the question that is always asked in exit polls: “Cares about people like me.”  In the 2012 exit polls, that’s the question that Obama beat Romney on 81 to 19.  And when you saw that poll, when you saw that result on the exit polls… I’ll speak for myself: That’s when I knew the election was lost.  If that… And there was one other that cemented it, and that is that 56% of people in 2012 still blamed George W. Bush for the economy. 

So after four years of Obama and his wrecking ball on the economy, the American voter by 56% or close to 60%, still blamed Bush.  So I saw those two things, and, you know, I watched the returns, but I knew it was over.  The only thing I held out hope on was the exit polls were not right. But if they were right, if they accurately represented the way people voted, then Romney was toast — and he turned out to be. 

And this is the same kind of question.  So…  And that’s what I was saying yesterday, folks: 70% in other poll the people think this country’s headed in the wrong direction.  Seventy percent are not happy with the direction we’re going, and Hillary Clinton has been there every step of the way.  Whatever has gone wrong in this country, Hillary Clinton’s been there.  Donald Trump hasn’t been.  No matter what else you want to say.  


RUSH:  A couple of more things on this Bloomberg poll that the Washington Post is worried about, in which 56% agree with the perception that the country “is in a dark and dangerous place, with threats from overseas and within our borders.” That’s the Trump take.  Although, you know, it’s not. It really isn’t Trump’s. Trump is positive.  This is what everybody’s missing.  Trump’s outlook on this stuff is fixing it.  Hillary’s outlook is phony.  But Trump’s outlook… You know, they’re saying Trump’s America is deep and dark and negative.

No, no, no. Trump is just acknowledging what everybody thinks, and is proposing ways out of it.  Trump is ultimately uplifting and positive, according to his supporters.  There is no way you’re gonna get Trump supporters to agree with the proposition that he’s down in the dumps and dark and negative and pessimistic and all is lost.  It’s the exact opposite, in fact.  The pessimism is associated with Hillary Clinton.  She wants more of the same — and more of the same would be dark and dank and America in decline. 

This is not hard. 

The Drive-Bys don’t want to see it that way, but other data in this poll: 68% think the country’s headed in the wrong direction.  So it’s consistent with other polls.  Only 25% say the country’s headed on the right track.  And back in September, you know what the number was?  Fifty percent thought the country was on the wrong track.  Now it’s up to 68%.  You know, it’s an 18% increase.  Guess what the top priorities in this Bloomberg poll are?

Number one: Unemployment and jobs. 

Number two: Terrorism. 

Number three: Decline in income. 

All of those can be attached to failed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton policies if somebody would just do it.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier — and we’ve got more data on this coming up — about how the Drive-Bys are worried. They’re really, really worried.  They got two narratives out there — actually, one.  The predominant narrative is the election’s over. “Trump’s a doofus, Trump’s an idiot, Trump’s blown it. Even if he wanted to win, he doesn’t know how to win. Trump’s horrible, doesn’t have a campaign.”

It’s over and Hillary’s the de facto, default winner — particularly on CNN.  However, they’re scared to death over this email problem of hers.  They’re scared to death over there. It’s so complicated to try to explain. I really am surprised by this, and whenever I’m really surprised by something, then there’s something I don’t know.  Yet. 

‘Cause why are they so afraid of this?  This is so complicated, it’s really difficult to explain to somebody who don’t understand it, which is the definition of a low-information voter.  So if a low-information voter can’t even comprehend what went on here with her server and the emails and all, then what’s to worry about? But they’re scared to death.  Listen to this media montage from yesterday and last night.

CHUCK TODD: The October surprise is sittin’ right in front of us!

DONNY DEUTSCH: What would be the kind of thing that would be a game-ender for Hillary Clinton?

JOHN BERMAN: You nervous there might be an October surprise somewhere in these e-mails?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: How realistic is the possibility of an October surprise or some sort of damning revelation?

BOB WOODWARD: The people who have this — the Russians, the Chinese, God knows — can kind of deal it out in a way that could be quite damaging.

SANDRA SMITH: Will there be an October surprise?

A.B. STODDARD: A big document dump of e-mails indicating that this kind of access was provided, really could end her candidacy — and if they don’t think that that could happen, Democrats have their head in the sand.

RUSH:  See what I’m talking about here?  That’s A.B. Stoddard on Fox News, meaning if there are emails indicating the kind of access — and we know that Hillary and Cheryl Mills and Huma “Danger” Abedin, whatever her name is, Weiner. They are trading access between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department and trading access between Hillary Clinton and her future presidency via the foundation.  Obviously they’re afraid that in the emails that have been hacked by somebody, that the Russians are looking for documents like this. 

And they think if those emails are produced, she’s toast. 

You heard it. 

They are scared to death that this is gonna happen.


RUSH: Here’s Dave in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  Glad you called, sir.  You’re up first.  It’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER:  Well, thank you for taking my call, Rush, and United States Coast Guard dittos.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.  Appreciate that.

CALLER:  Before I get to my question, I want to tell you two reasons why I listen to you.  One is you say what I think and what I believe, which is great.  And the other thing is, you can read the stitches on the fastball, the curveball, a slider, that the left or the Democrats throw.  And you can explain it to us that makes it understandable and sensible, and I want to thank you for that.

RUSH:  I appreciate that, sir, very much.

CALLER:  My question to you is, a while back there was, I forget the guy’s name, and I’m sure you’ll remember, he said the mere appearance of impropriety should spark the investigation, no evidence, but we should investigate, and do you remember what that was —

RUSH:  That was an allegation made, there have been many of these that the Democrats have employed, but the first iteration of this, a Columbia professor named Gary Sick wrote an entire book largely about how George H. W. Bush secretly flew to Paris in the summer of 1980 and made a deal with the Iranian mullahs to hold on to the hostages ’til after the election and release them if Reagan won. 

And Tom Foley, Speaker of the House, said, “You know what?  This is highly improper.  The appearance of impropriety and the seriousness of the charge is such that we must investigate.” 

“But Mr. Foley, there’s no evidence.” 

“It doesn’t matter.  The seriousness of the charge is so crucial that despite the fact there’s no evidence, we must look into this.”  Which they did.  They had an entire congressional hearing.  And the next time was Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.


RUSH:  Look.  Forget Trump for just a second here, folks.  We’ll get back to Trump here in just a second.  The Drive-By Media, they have already got Trump buried, except they don’t.  They are scared to death things are gonna blow up on Hillary Clinton. 

And I want to replay this sound bite, which is a media montage of several people in the Drive-By Media worried about her emails and all of this back-and-forth between the Clinton Foundation and the Department of State using Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills.  These are here chief of staff and chief aide, and they should have nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.  They’re commingling efforts.  The Clinton Foundation is raising money based on promises being made by Hillary Clinton in the State Department.  People applying for positions in the foundation are asking for access to Mrs. Clinton, and these two are arranging it. 

You talk about the appearance of impropriety.  This is exactly what the Drive-Bys are worried about.  Even Charles Krauthammer said recently on Fox that if evidence ever is produced, if these emails are found, these 33,000 — and 44 of them have been, which is why we know as much as we do — if more of these emails are found, and they’re out there — somebody has them — Trump says maybe the Russians can find them.  Whoever has them, they are worried to death that there is an email thread or two that will document all of this that everybody knows is going on, there just isn’t any point-to-it proof right now. 

These people are worried that if that proof is forthcoming, she’s finished, no matter how many gaffes Trump makes, no matter how much baloney he gets into.  They’re scared to death about it.  And Krauthammer even said, this could be the end of her campaign.  That’s what first called my attention to this, is the Drive-Bys, you know, when they talk about this, it’s over, Trump’s dead and buried politically.  Hillary’s gonna win this thing. Trump’s such a bad candidate. Trump doesn’t have any organization. He doesn’t even have an office set up in Ohio, you know, this kind of stuff.  They’re writing him off. 

But then they start talking about how her campaign, you know, she’s damaged goods. That’s what has so many people frustrated, to be bluntly honest about this.  The Democrats have nominated the absolute most vulnerable, worst candidate they could have put up there, because they had to.  They owed her.  But she has so much baggage, she has so many vulnerabilities.  She can’t tell the truth about anything.  She doesn’t speak well.  She is not charismatic.  She is not confidence inspiring. 

There is nothing about her that is in any way familiar or common in terms of the gifts that Obama and Bill Clinton have in the realm of politics.  She just is skilless and talentless in this stuff.  And they know it.  I want to play this montage again and follow it up by Steven Brill, who was on Charlie Rose.  Charlie Rose is scared to death. Charlie Rose is talking to anybody and everybody about this.  Here’s the montage again, just to put it in perspective for you.  It’s Chuck Todd, Donny Deutsch, John Berman, Mika Brzezinski, Bob Woodward of Woodward and Bernstein fame, Sandra Smith at Fox News, A.B. Stoddard.  Listen to this.

CHUCK TODD: The October surprise is sittin’ right in front of us!

DONNY DEUTSCH: What would be the kind of thing that would be a game-ender for Hillary Clinton?

JOHN BERMAN: You nervous there might be an October surprise somewhere in these e-mails?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: How realistic is the possibility of an October surprise or some sort of damning revelation?

BOB WOODWARD: The people who have this — the Russians, the Chinese, God knows — can kind of deal it out in a way that could be quite damaging.

SANDRA SMITH: Will there be an October surprise?

A.B. STODDARD: A big document dump of e-mails indicating that this kind of access was provided, really could end her candidacy — and if they don’t think that that could happen, Democrats have their head in the sand.

RUSH:  Do you realize, they’re making it clear, they don’t think they could save her if this stuff comes out.  That’s maybe the most incredible — they don’t think they could cover it up.  I thought the Drive-Bys were of the frame of mind that there’s nothing they couldn’t sweep under the rug if they had to. There’s nothing that they couldn’t keep the American people from learning.  There’s nothing that can damage her.  But they clearly — “end her candidacy,” that was A.B. Stoddard. 

So here on Charlie Rose last night on PBS speaking with Steven Brill, the author and journalist. He had a magazine once.  What was the name of that magazine?  It was a media magazine.  That’s why everybody in the media liked it.  I don’t remember what it was.  Anyway, here’s the question Charlie Rose is asking him about this October Surprise.  Folks, they are worried that somebody’s got these emails.  The Russians, or even ISIS.  They’re worried that ISIS or the Russians have Hillary’s emails and what does that mean? 

BRILL: You could have an October surprise if you take it that the terrorists would like to have a Trump presidency because, again, he’s willing to declare war on them which is what they want, then the next logical step is they might want to disrupt the election so that Trump is more favored. The way to do that is to scare more and more people —

ROSE:  You think a terrorist attack —

BRILL:  With an October —

ROSE: — would work to the advantage of a Trump candidacy?

BRILL: That’s what all the pundits seem to say, which is, you know the more scared we are — it’s his campaign rhetoric. That’s what he says is you should be scared and, therefore, you should vote for me because Secretary Clinton is weak and Obama’s weak. He hasn’t gone after terrorism the way I will.

RUSH:  Well, I think if that ever manifests itself, if there’s a terror attack — by the way, there have been terror attacks.  There was San Bernardino, there was Fort Hood, there’s been any number of these things, and what do we hear?  We can’t call it what it is.  I mean, if there’s another terror attack, of course Hillary is vulnerable, because she’s part of the Obama crowd that’s tried to tell us that we haven’t seen what we see.  And we don’t know what we obviously see, that we’re wrong, it’s not Islam.  I mean, they cover for ’em. 

Damn right if there’s another terror attack there’s no way it helps Hillary.  She’s out there in utter denial about ’em.  The way these people think — tell me if you agree with this.  These people on the left, these media types, the Democrats, they actually think that ISIS and Putin and the ChiComs would much rather have Trump in there ’cause Trump is a joke.  They could have their way with Trump.  They would much rather so they’ll do whatever they can to get Trump elected ’cause Trump they think they could just have their way with. 

But Hillary, oh, no, they don’t want Hillary. That woman’s tough. That woman’s no nonsense. That woman’s not gonna put up with anything from ISIS. She’s not gonna put up with anything from Putin, she’s not gonna. 

You think that’s the way our enemies look at it?  I think our enemies are looking at Barack Obama as practically — well, I was gonna say ally.  I’ll say godsend.  Look at the Middle East. ISIS, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, whatever they want, they take. (imitating Obama) “You better not, I’m drawing that line right here, see that, you cross that, well, you just better not.”  Then they cross it.  And Obama forgets that he drew it. 

So I don’t follow their premise that these enemies of ours are deathly afraid of Obama, very, very afraid of Hillary, oh, yes, very worried about Hillary.  I think it’s the exact opposite.  I mean, they have to take Trump at his word and Trump’s talking about wiping them out.  Hillary isn’t.  Hillary’s talking about treating them with respect.  Hillary’s talking about empathizing with them.  We must empathize with our enemies.  I think these people have it exactly backwards.  But still, the point is they are scared to death that something’s out there that could end her candidacy, and it isn’t Trump.  It’s her own work product, her emails and all the rest of that.

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