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In 1975, on a desolate Arkansas road, 12-year-old Kathy Shelton was lured into a car and raped. The rapist was 41-year-old Thomas Alfred Taylor. Forty years later, Kathy Shelton is still mad over the tactics of the rapist’s lawyer: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a lengthy interview with The UK Daily Mail, Shelton revealed details that contradict Hillary Clinton’s campaign claim to be a lifelong advocate for women and girls.

The 12-year-old rape victim was victimized again in court when Hillary accused her of “seeking out older men.” Today, we call that “blaming the victim.” Ms. Shelton also says Hillary demanded that she undergo a grueling court-ordered psychiatric exam to look for signs of mental instability.

Think of that. It’s the same tactic Hillary Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions” team would later use playing “defense counsel” for Bill Clinton to “discredit” women like Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky.

There is no dispute about Alfred Taylor’s guilt. But, thanks to Hillary getting key forensic evidence thrown out, Taylor’s rape of a 12-year-old was pleaded down to a charge of “unlawful fondling of a minor.” He served less than a year in prison. In a later interview, Hillary Clinton laughed about the case.

Today, Kathy Shelton isn’t laughing. She’s angry that Hillary Clinton is still getting away with it. That Hillary Clinton is promoting herself as a champion of women and girls when nothing in her case could be further from the truth!

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