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RUSH: Linda, Cooper City, Florida.  Welcome.  I’m glad you waited.  How are you?

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s an honor to speak to you.  It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten through, and I’m really nervous, but I just wanted to say that you keep my sanity going with your logic.  I wanted to bring up a point.  I saw Mr. Trump’s Second Amendment comments, and anybody with an ounce of integrity would know that he clearly meant that the Second Amendment supporters can stop Hillary Clinton with their power in the voting booth, nothing else.  It’s offensive that they would immediately portray legal gun owners as partial assassins.  I’m so sick of the lying media —

RUSH:  Yeah, but see, this is my point.  What this reveals, this tells us — and your comment buttresses this point of view — this tells us much more about what the media thinks of gun owners than what Trump meant gun owners intend to do.  You are exactly right, Trump means one thing, but these guys, these people have such a bias and such a prejudice, a bigoted view of gun owners, that they think they use them irresponsibly, everybody’s out there shooting everybody, and that NRA members love it when guns are used for anything. Just like every general loves to go to war and kill people, so do people that have guns, they love gun violence. 

And because of this bigotry and this prejudice that they have, a comment like this is made, they never even consider the actual political implication of it, the power of the NRA as a voting bloc.  No, no, no, these people are irresponsible, violence-loving, dangerous thugs, which is the point of view that people opposed to the NRA have of them.

CALLER:  Right.  And that’s exactly — I mean, that’s the first thing I thought of when he said it.  I mean, it was said in the context of how we can stop Hillary Clinton and various things were not — he didn’t feel would stop her, but he thought that the Second Amendment people could.  And it’s strictly in the voting booth and this distortion of the truth.  It’s got to stop.  I don’t understand —

RUSH:  Yes, you do.  You understand it because they think they can score political points with this.  But this is a clear reference that Trump was making that gun owners are just not gonna stand idly by and let the Second Amendment be written out, that they’ve got political power here and they intend to use it.  It’s amazing how often the left in this country want to tar and feather and convict the law-abiding in our country who have guns. 


RUSH: Brian in Charlotte, North Carolina, great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  It’s an honor and a privilege to speak to you, sir.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  Thank you so much for what you do, and God bless you.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  Rush, I’m so sick and tired of the hypocrisy of the left and the media trying to talk about painting — the falseness that they’re painting with Donald Trump and his supporters. That Donald Trump is promoting hate and his speech is divisive and he’s promoting violence, which you spoke about earlier.  I’m so sick and tired of hearing that, ’cause when you look at the proof, when you actually see what’s happening, Rush, that’s not the case.  It’s the Democrats who are going to Trump rallies and creating violence.  It’s Democrats who are going to Trump rallies. As a matter of fact, there were 14 of them in his policy speech last week, there were 14 hecklers that had to be removed at a Trump rally.

RUSH:  I saw it.

CALLER:  That never happens at Hillary Clinton rallies.  And last but not least, we had a young man out west who took a gun from a police officer and was restrained, and when asked what in the world he was doing, said, “My intent was to shoot Donald Trump.”  You do not see that from Donald Trump supporters and I’m sick and tired of being painted, just because I’m a Trump supporter, as some kind of uneducated white male.  To me, that is hate speech.  I’m not an uneducated white male.  I have three college degrees.  I’ve owned a business for 27 years.  I’ve provided jobs for hundreds of people, and I’m sick and tired of being demagogued.

RUSH:  Damn right.  Damn right.  And I’ll tell you something.  This isn’t new!  What they’re doing to Trump, they did to George W. Bush.  They did George H. W. Bush.  They do it to me.  They do it to anybody that comes along they think poses a threat.  They did it to Ronald Reagan.  Every conservative, whatever they’re saying about Trump, I’m glad you Trumpsters are seeing this.  Trust me when I tell you it isn’t new.

This is how they go after everybody on the Republican ticket.  This is how they go after every conservative.  They’re all hatemongers. They are all dangerous. They are all reckless. They’re all racists. They’re all bigots, every damn one of them.  In Trump’s case, Trump has been in public life for 30 years, and not one person who knows him, not one person who’s worked with him or for him has ever said he’s racist.  Within two days of starting his campaign to defeat Democrats, guess what he becomes?  A racist and a hatemonger.  And he’s inspiring hate and he’s promoting violence and danger.

Folks, it’s in their playbook; it’s how they do it.  You think you’re frustrated, Brian?  I’ve watched this my whole adult life.  I have watched it succeed.  And it succeeds because low-information people don’t know any different.  Well now, some of the people that make up the Trump coalition come from that group of people who have routinely bought into all this and believed this stuff, because they don’t doubt the media, just like the president gets the benefit of the reputation and credibility of the office. And so when the president says something, people just believe it.  And to try to get people to be suspicious of the president, it’s a tough, tough challenge.  And some might say it’s a losing proposition.  And they all know this. 

But we’ve got Hillary and Obama who are just out there lying themselves silly, Hillary especially.  Hillary is even being given now lying about her lies to cover up the first lie as she utters the third and fourth lie about the same thing.  But those people get the benefit of the doubt. They’re all compassionate. They’re all well-intentioned. They’re tolerant. They’re peace-loving. They’re understanding and all this.

I’m glad you’re irritated.  I’m glad you’re ticked off.  I’m glad you’re taking it personally, because that’s exactly how it is intended.  And I hope that there are many more of you out there like this that are just fed up with this, because, you know, what you’re recognizing here is that all of this being labeled on Trump is by association aimed at you, too. 

I mean, if Trump is this troglodyte, dangerous, ill-tempered, unqualified buffoon, what does it make his supporters, for crying out loud?  They’re either the same thing or they’re so stupid to be so easily tricked by it.  But no matter how you slice it, they’re also really ripping you to shreds as well when in fact many of you are the backbone of this country.  And that’s what really irritates. 

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