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“In the American dream, the pie doesn’t shrink. The pie is always growing, the pie has always grown, and your opportunity for your piece of that pie, whatever size you can slice, is yours for the taking. That’s been the American dream. But the pie is shrinking; and as it shrinks, you’re told to expect less, you’re told to have lower expectations.” 

 “Black Lives Matter is simply the effort to keep Occupy Wall Street alive. Occupy Wall Street was a fake, drummed-up organization in response to the Tea Party — and because it was fake, because it was not organic (meaning not rooted in reality), because it was manufactured and created, it lost its steam.”

“Do you think the country’s headed in the wrong direction, folks? If you do, you are right. If you don’t think the country’s headed in the wrong direction, you’re wrong. We are headed in the wrong direction. Our country is in serious decline.”

“American socialism features American feminism, and yet look at how it bows down to other religions which really mistreat and disrespect women. Does that not register with anybody else? Or is it something you’re not supposed to say?”

“The establishment, I don’t care whether it’s made up of Republicans or Democrats, the establishment comes first. Ruling class versus us country class. And many Republican establishment members have made clear that they put the establishment and its primacy over party politics, and even over where the direction the country is headed.”

“Obama still can’t get above one and a half percent, and his is going to be the first Regime never to have even one quarter of 3% economic growth, the first in the post-war era. It’s never been done before. No president has ever produced economic policies this pathetic.”

“Wages haven’t gone up in 15 years. People are angrier than ever before. None of this is normal! None of this is cyclical. This is not the result of cycles that repeat throughout history, either economic or cultural. Our country right now is in the middle of a purposeful transformation that is the result of specific policy decisions that have been made and implemented in recent years.”

“This administration has written and attached more regulations on individuals and businesses than the three previous administrations combined. It’s out of control.”

“Black Lives Matter is about the total upheaval of the American society, the American social structure, just flooding it with complaints and demands for money and just overwhelming it to the point that it can’t survive, requiring a ‘reset.'”

“There always will be an America. It’s what America is that’s at stake.”

“Of all the things that have happened at the Olympics, that’s what Hillary wants to tweet out? ‘In Rio, Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first American Muslim athlete to compete while wearing a hijab.'”

“We do not need a woman as president who has sold access to her presidency in advance already.”

“There is something that we haven’t been told about why we were in Benghazi in the first place, because every other nation had pulled out. It was a hellhole. It was pure anarchy. After Khadafy was taken out by virtue of Hillary’s policy, the place was total anarchy.”

“We are in heap big doo-doo if the productivity of American workers is a matter of congressional action and not individual effort. If this isn’t rooted in education, individual effort, ambition, desire, pursuit of excellence, that’s what creates economic growth. That’s what creates growing markets, not government policy.”    

“The only government policy that creates growing economic markets is a government policy that gets government out of the way.”

“The real secret is that people from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton don’t want you independently productive because then there’s no need for you to depend on a Big Government for whatever you don’t have. They want to keep you permanently dependent. They want to keep you permanently underemployed, underpaid. That is the policy.”

“No matter what the Democrats do, no matter what their policies are, no matter how wonderful they may look, the result is always the same. Bigger government, more inefficient and more ineffective government, a smaller overall United States economy, growing at a slower and slower rate, which means fewer jobs being created, fewer careers are being created, wages and compensation are not increasing because the pie is shrinking.”

“The Democrat Party is gonna give you a built-in excuse for constant failure, which is what they’re doing when they tell you the best days are behind us, that the America that you’ve read about, you heard about, it was never real in the first place. It was always artificial and we’re now really just having to come to grips with that, pay the bill for all that fake and phony economic activity in the past.”

“This current economy, our current cultural circumstances, the decline, the rot, the overwhelming corruption, it is not necessary. It does not have to happen. It does not need to continue. It is not the new norm.”

“You can change the direction this country is going. You can be instrumentally involved in changing the direction of this country because the country is nothing more than the product of its people.”



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