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RUSH: I have to mention something.  I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, and it’s really a big deal.  I got a chance to squeeze it in in the last 20 seconds of the program.  On Friday, we had a young 13-year-old call here named Walker Huber, and he was mature way beyond his 13 years. And in talking to him, he informed us that he had written an app, created an app for the iOS — Apple iPhone, iPad App Store — that was a game, a game that you played that ended up being critical in a humorous way of Hillary Clinton

And that came at the very end of his phone call. So one of our eager listeners here looked up the game, found the game, and we linked to the game at our website immediately when we found out about it even before the program had ended, shortly after we linked to it.  I had talked about the app and advised people.  Well, it turns out that Walker’s app, the highest his app went that we were able to record, number five. 

Now, this is big.  When you realize that there are millions of apps in the iOS App Store, a 13-year-old caller to this program talking about his app, we found it, we put a link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. We hyped it for a couple of minutes here toward the end of the program. His app over the weekend was number five in all paid apps.  It was number three in the games category.  And in the specific arcade games category, Walker’s app shot up to number one.  It was a 99 cent app, still is a 99 cent app, and you have to listen to Hillary speak in it.  That’s the one downside to it. 

The app does have Hillary audio in it.  It’s amazing that it got cleared, because most of the apps, most of the political apps this season in the iOS App Store happen to be bashing Trump.  But some have gotten past that bash Hillary or make fun of her.  I mean, this isn’t really a bashing app.  It’s just pokes fun.  But, you know, to the left, making fun of ’em is the same thing as bashing ’em ’cause they don’t have any sense of humor. 

But I just wanted to take the time and recognize Walker here, 13 years old.  He wrote his app, and it was at the end of his call, “Oh, by the way, by the way, I wrote an app!”  “Thanks, Walker.  It’s great to hear from you.”  “I wrote an app!  It’s called –” And just as his call ended we got the name of his app.  It was not the primary reason he called. It turns out that he had a great weekend with it, and I meant to mention this yesterday and I didn’t get to it ’til the end of the program yesterday.  

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