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RUSH: We also have another round of 50 people, and it’s many of the same people who’ve signed yet another letter. GOP foreign policy experts saying they will not vote for Trump.  We have Maine Senator Susan Collins saying she will not vote for Trump.  She’s a Republican. 

Now, a lot of people are getting upset about this, but you ought not.  I mean, if you’re a genuine Trumpster, what this is is just the establishment rising up against him.  That’s all this is.  I mean, Trump’s right about these 50 in the foreign policy letter.  These are people that are gonna lose their jobs if he gets elected, and they know it. 

I don’t know what Susan Collins’ problem is.  She’s mostly day in and day out not even really a Republican, but she calls herself one, so we will.  But this is exactly what everybody should have expected.  The establishment, I don’t care whether it’s made up of Republicans or Democrats, the establishment comes first.  Ruling class versus us country class.  Many Republican establishment members have made clear that they put the establishment and its primacy over party politics, and even over the direction the country is headed. 

So while a lot of people panic about it… Well, they don’t panic.  Some people say, “Oh, my gosh, how can Trump possibly win? All these Republicans come…” You gotta look at it a different way.  You can’t look at it that way.  That’s the standard way of looking at it.  It would mean something if they came out against Romney or if they come out against George W. Bush, but coming out against Trump makes all the sense in the world. 

These are the people Trump has been calling out throughout his campaign.  These are the people Trump has effectively been blaming for “ineffectiveness” and — in his terminology — “stupidity” for making bad deals.  And they are clearly aware that, if he is elected, that he’s gonna get rid of them or that they will not survive a Trump administration.  

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