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RUSH: We start in Wichita with Scott.  Scott, thank you for calling.  It’s great to have you with us.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, how are you today, sir?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  I called you back in 1993, and you were right.

RUSH:  About what?  I mean, I know, but —

CALLER:  I got into a conversation, I think was about the Bushes or something, but you were right.  I’m 54 years old now, and you were completely on target, man.  I should have never questioned you, but I thought I was smart.  I wasn’t.

RUSH:  In 1993, ’94, ’95, 20 some odd years ago.  Do you remember what it was that you were bashing the Bushes about?

CALLER:  I cannot remember what it was, Rush.  I really don’t remember, but all I can say is you were right. And another thing I’d like to add before I let you go since I know you’re busy, if that woman gets elected as president, we as a nation are done.  Love you, Rush.  Have a good day.

RUSH: Thank you. Look, let me tell you something I’ve decided to do here, folks.  It’s gonna require your indulgence.  Not today, but after Labor Day, once we get summer vacations over with and people get back to a sense of normalcy, and everybody starts focusing on the campaign, not just us wonks and people who are fascinated by it for other reasons. Admittedly not everybody is, and many of those people who aren’t are not even paying close attention right now.  You think they can’t escape it because this news is all over the media.  But it isn’t. 

Half of the things that you know that have outraged you, that worry you, half of the things that you know that you think ought to outrage everybody, most of the country hasn’t been told.  And that actually is one of the main problems we have.  We’ve often asked ourselves and you’ve called and asked, “How stupid are people?”  The most recent example is this payment of a ransom of 400 — what was it, 400 million?  Was it $400,000?  I’m having a mental block.  I’ve got too much going through my mind.  Whatever it was, it was a ransom payment.  It was $400 million ransom payment to the Iranians that’s gonna help them spread terrorism and continue work on their nuclear program. 

And, if I had one person ask me, I had 10.  “Why doesn’t this outrage people?”  And my answer is, “They don’t know.”  You know about it because of the news you consume.  But people that only use the mainstream media, they’re not told that it’s a ransom.  They know that the payment happened, but they think it’s totally aboveboard.  It’s not that they don’t get irritated by it, or outraged; they don’t know what it is. 

So that is the root here of what I’m telling you that I’m gonna do.  I am going to tackle this from a different standpoint, because what our last caller said is right.  This election really is crucial.  And, to me, it is about what kind of country we are going to be going forward.  There’s always going to be an America.  There always will be an America.  It’s what America is that’s at stake.  And we already know the people running the country for the last eight years, we know what they want to do to this country.  And they have a pretty good start on it. 

They’ve got an eight-year start and they haven’t been opposed in much of it, in Washington, in the political sphere.  Four more years of this, and particularly with all of the Supreme Court vacancies that are going to come up, if the next president is a carbon copy of Obama ideologically, politically, then pretty much every institution that we rely on will have been corrupted.  And by that I mean overtaken by the left. 

And that will mean a genuine fundamental change in the country until a majority of people do become aware of what has happened and, at that point, demand a change, and that will cause the cyclical rebound in our direction.  But we don’t want to have to go through all of that.  We don’t want the country to have to hit rock bottom in order for people to recognize how the left can take us there. 

I’m gonna be tackling this in just a moderately different way.  I’m not gonna assume that everybody listening has been listening for 25 years and understands everything I believe.  So some of the techniques that I use to explain some of this may sound like I’m going back to an early education level, because the people that I want to reach, I gotta reach ’em first.  I’ve gotta somehow grab their attention, and one thing we know is that the daily criticism of people like Obama or Hillary, with current context, falls on deaf ears. 

It’s disregarded because it’s considered to be just partisan claptrap.  It’s disregarded because people who hear it think it comes from people who don’t like Obama or Hillary anyway, and it’s the only reason why they’re saying it.  So they disregard it.  And the objective here is persuasion.  It certainly will be in this instance.  I don’t want to give away specific techniques, but I’m just telling you that I may rehash areas and things that you know and know conclusively and have heard me talk about for years in an effort to reach people who otherwise would be immune. 

There just has to be a different way of reaching them.  It’s not gonna involve an ideological change in the program.  You’re gonna love it just as much.  In fact, you may think it’s great because, if I do it right, it will be effective.  

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