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In what is being called an “extraordinary ruling,” the State of New Jersey has overturned the will of voters who twice voted against spending increases. Illegal immigration plays a major role in this story.

Voters in New Jersey’s Freehold Borough voted down two referendums that would allow a school expansion, to relieve overcrowding, caused by the growing number of children who are here illegally. Part of the surge of illegal minors that Obama and Homeland Security encouraged, knowing it would cause upheaval. In the Freehold school district, we’re talking 500 children in just three schools.

The issue was brought before an administrative law judge. He basically said “screw the will of the voters � we need expand the education budget anyway.” The state’s Education Commissioner, David Hespe, agreed. So the two of them decided, by themselves, that $32 million will be spent to accommodate children who are in the United States illegally.

The pain will be spread out. New Jersey taxpayers will pick up 85% of the tab. The locals in Freehold will pick up the remaining 15%, on top of the taxes they’re already paying.

These American citizens are being told their laws don’t matter and, even worse, their votes don’t matter. They’ll pick up the cost of illegality like it or not. They have no voice, no vote, and aren’t allowed to govern themselves when liberals are in charge.

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