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Rio Olympics Already a Mess

RUSH:   We’ve got football season coming up.  There’s any number of things.  The Olympics.  I can’t believe… I read this stuff and nothing gets a rise out of people.  I mean, Olympic swimmers are being told, “Don’t put your head under the water because you’re swimming in sewage.”  “Oh, okay! Cool.  Fine.  Thanks for the tip.”  Olympic sailors… Do you know that sailing yachts — something that rich, Wall Street guys do. Sailing yachts is an Olympic sport, and they’ve even been warned of the condition of the water. 

It can eat away the hull of the boat and they might drown before the end of the competition.  So they’re supposed to be careful and spray a bunch of anti-sewage stuff on the hull.  And to think that Obama could not talk them out of going there and instead going to Chicago.  Anyway, my friends, speaking… (interruption) You know, that’s a good point. (laughing) It might be better off in Rio, because at least in Rio the crime is kidnapping.  But, hey, so what? We now pay ransom! It isn’t any big deal anymore.  New government policy.  

Khan: Allah Causing Trump to Make Mistakes

RUSH:  Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, the esteemed Democrat, Mr. Khizr Khan… Remember him from the Democratic Convention? Apparently Mr. Khan, who had professed his fatigue with media appearances… he said he wanted to go back to his private and personal life after having served his purpose for Mrs. Clinton. Apparently, he actually can’t get enough TV.  He was on Pakistan TV or Pakistani TV show, and it is being reported that Khizr Khan said that “Allah, may peace be upon him, is causing Trump to make stupid mistakes.” 

“Allah,” as in “Allah Akbar,” has interceded in the election and is causing Trump to make mistakes. 

Well, this is another story that you will not see anything about outside of hearing it here or maybe elsewhere in conservative media.  

Pope Francis Offends the Transgenders

RUSH: Pope Francis, have you heard what Pope Francis did?  The transgender thing.  Pope Francis.  He was in… I’ll tell you what he said and I’ll give you the details.  It’s a story in the AP:  “Pope Francis Describes Transgenderism as the ‘Annihilation of Man’ — Pope Francis has enraged transgender activists after describing the idea of gender fluidity as the ‘annihilation of man.’ The Pope, who is known for his more liberal views on issues such as homosexuality, made the remarks at a closed meeting with Bishops in Krakow,” that’s Poland, for those of you in Rio Linda, “however a transcript of the conversation was later released by the Vatican.

“[Il Papa said,] ‘Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their gender,’ as a result of ‘persons and institutions who donate money.’  He went on to describe the process of ‘ideological colonizing’ backed by ‘very influential countries,’ which he did not identify. One such ‘colonization,’ he said, ‘I’ll say it clearly… is gender.’  The [pope’s] comments have upset LGBT activists, with Marianne Duddy-Burke, the executive director of the LGBT Catholic organization DignityUSA, claiming that the comments show his ‘dangerous ignorance of gender identities.'”

There is… I can’t remember the man’s name. I’m sure someone will furnish it to me momentarily. I’m having a mental block. He’s the former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, and I thought this guy would catch hell. There was a story on it a year ago now. He came out and said that transgenderism is a mental disorder, and for psychiatry or psychology to engage in any action that treats it and justifies it or conducts surgery to further it is actually committing a gigantic act against humanity. 

He said that transgenders are suffering from a mental disorder and it is a great disservice to them to treat this as something legitimate that can be fixed. (interruption)  Dr. Paul McHugh, that’s who it is.  Dr. Paul McHugh. He went on to say that it’s very dangerous and damaging to say that this is something that can be fixed by surgery. He went on to assail this as a mental disorder, and there wasn’t one peep.  Maybe because it’s he’s retired.  No, I know why.  It doesn’t fit the news that the Drive-By Media wants to report. 

I think they judge, “Hey, we can’t attack this guy.  This guy is Johns Hopkins.  He’s pretty good on other issues.”  But on this, they just decided they wouldn’t succeed trying to destroy him.  So they decide just to ignore it so that nobody would know what he said.  Now the pope comes along and describes transgenderism as “the annihilation of man.”  Marianne Duddy-Burke, again, “the executive director of the LGBT Catholic organization DignityUSA, claim[s] that the comments show his ‘dangerous ignorance of gender identities.’

“‘It’s very troubling that the pope would say this,’ Ms. Duddy-Burke continued. ‘It also shows that the pope doesn’t understand the danger that his words can mean for gender-nonconforming people, particularly those who live in countries with laws or cultural pressures that put these people at risk for violence.’  The pope was similarly denounced by the LGBT news site PinkNews after his comments…” So it’s not all a bed of roses out there in a number of different places.  

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