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“The Olympics might be better off in Rio, because at least in Rio the crime is kidnapping. But, hey, so what? We now pay ransom! It isn’t any big deal anymore. New government policy.”

“Folks, there’s no doubt what is going on. The media is trying to take Donald Trump out. The big story is not Obama paying ransom to Iran for hostages, because the big story is Donald Trump mistakenly saying he saw a video.”

“You talk to Trump people now and some of them are concerned it doesn’t look like he’s trying. ‘Where is the Trump of the primaries? Where is this confident braggadocio? Take no prisoners, attacking the media, attacking opponents — attacking, never on defense! Where is that guy?’ The answer is, the primaries are not the general election.”   

“There are polls nobody’s ever heard of that are popping up, and it doesn’t matter. Every poll is given the weight of authority just like any poll is, and we don’t know who they are.”

“Remember, this ‘certain loser,’ Donald Trump, was ahead of Hillary Clinton just last week going into the Democrat convention.”

“Google is the media monopoly that ABC, CBS and NBC used to have in the 1970s, 1980s. If you want to research anything, you go to Google; you put the search term in. You have to go to page 5 before you find a conservative reference point on whatever it is you’re researching.”

“Can’t have all these white guys that are experts in economics as part of Trump’s government. No, no, no! No, no! Especially because they’re a bunch of white guys. It wouldn’t be fair. It obviously wouldn’t be fair, and that’s the news of the day from the Drive-By Media.”

“Trump has ardent supporters, and Trump’s supporters are not demanding. They don’t demand you speak the correct language. They’re not demanding that he sound like a Harvard professor.  They just demand that he be honest with them, that he mean what he’s saying, that he intends to do all of this.” 

“Be it the Democrat Party, be it elected officials, be it the media, they never debate us on ideas. All they try to do is destroy the credibility of any effective man or woman who has the ability to communicate ideas.”  

“The majority of the American people think ABC, CBS, NBC is the news. They turn it on CNN or MSNBC, and they’ve been watching the media. They’re not. It isn’t news! They’re watching the promotion of the Democrat Party agenda.” 

“The Drive-Bys shape the news every day, and the Drive-Bys shape what most Americans know.”

“This administration has benefited from what I call the Limbaugh Theory. They are not held accountable for any of the things that have gone wrong. Obama’s been in office eight years and he still doesn’t get blamed for this lackluster economy.”

“Hillary Clinton has a major problem, and it’s acknowledged by everybody. The more she is seen in public, the worse she does in any kind of poll you take — a preference poll, a poll on likability, a poll on future of the country — because she’s not likable, she’s not inspiring, she doesn’t appear to be real.”

“Liberals know Reaganomics worked. They know tax cuts work. They know all these things work, and they work by making people less dependent on Democrats — and that’s why Hillary and the Democrats oppose this stuff. They don’t want you keeping more of your money! They don’t want you becoming more self-sufficient.” 

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