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RUSH:  More evidence that the media is going all Palin, all the time now on Donald Trump.  Just moments ago on CNN’s Legal View, their economics reporter Christine Romans was speaking with their money correspondent about Trump’s economic advisory panel.  Remember, the big story is not that we’ve paid $400 million in ransom to the Iranian government that they can then use to fund their nuclear program; they can use to fund terrorism.  “No, Rush, that money is for roads and bridges!  No, no, no.” 

The money is fungible.  Once they get it, they can use it for anything, folks. Don’t… That standard argument is the way that a lot of perps try to get out of trouble, by saying, “I intended the money for social causes and welfare benefits.”  That doesn’t matter. You broke the freaking law.  It doesn’t matter what you “intended” the money to go for! The Iranians are not going to use the money to rebuild roads and bridges.  They’re going to build their nuclear program or expand their terrorism program!  We’ve just given $400 million!

Anyway, that’s not the story. 

No, it’s not the story. 

The story is Trump claimed to see a video of this happening, even though the video was released by the Iranians.  Here’s more evidence of the media all-in on taking Trump out. 

ROMANS: Who are these guys? And they are all guys?

ALESCI: They are all guys, and they’re all white guys. This is an odd group because many of them have no policy experience, and that was by design, according to a person that I spoke to that was close to the campaign, saying, “Trump really wanted to bring outsiders in that have these free market principles, and he wants to apply those to the government.” Not clear how that translates in terms of how free market economics works when you’re dealing with (dramatic pause) the GOVERNMENT. But —

ROMANS: So, these are tycoons! These are hedge fund managers. These are tycoons.  

RUSH:  You understand you’re hearing two neophyte genuine ignoramuses here, two CNN info babes, claim that Donald Trump’s panel of economic advisors are a bunch of dimwits, because they’re from the private sector.  They’ve actually worked in the economy, and that won’t work when you start talking about economic policy in the government.  You need professors.  You need politicians.  You need thinkers from think tanks.  You need people from the faculty lounge.  You can’t bring… Especially if they’re all white! You can’t bring in analysts!

Do you hear this?  This is Cristina Alesci that said this. (impression) “Yeah, a person that I spoke to close to the campaign said Trump really wanted to bring outsiders in that have the free market principles. Ooh!  Yuck! Free market?  No!  Then he wants to apply those to the government.  My God, what an idiot this Trump guy is!  It’s not clear how being free market, uh, uh, works when you’re dealing with the government.” 

She’s admitting, “How in the hell do a bunch of free market guys work with socialism?” She probably doesn’t know what she’s saying, other than Trump’s identity as an outsider.  Yep, that’s his strength, and he’s going to bring in… We just got another bogus economic report, and the upshot of it is our economic growth has not once hit… This is the first time any administration has not had at least a quarter of 3% economic growth during its term. 

We don’t have… We still have 94 million Americans not working.  Most of the new jobs they are touting are part-time jobs.  And people with actual economic experience in investing, making money, showing profit, hiring people, increasing wages? (impression) “No, no. No!  Especially if they’re all white.  We can’t have that!  We need professors.  We need theorists.  We need people from the faculty lounge.  This Trump… This guy, he’s just dangerous!”

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