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RUSH:  Apparently the newest outrage the media’s hyping here is that Trump has asked a lady with a crying baby to leave his rally.  Here is the first sound bite.

TRUMP:  Don’t worry about that baby, I love babies.  I love babies.  I hear that baby crying, I like it.  What a baby, what a beautiful baby.  Don’t worry.  Don’t worry.  The mom’s running around like “Don’t worry about it,” you know.  It’s young and beautiful and healthy and that’s what we want.

RUSH:  That’s right.  We want young, healthy, beautiful babies, crying, disrupting, causing a ruckus, that’s what we all want.  Well, you heard it, he said, “Don’t worry about the baby, I love babies, don’t worry about it. I hear that baby crying, I like it.”  But I guess it grew unacceptable as time went on.

TRUMP:  Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby outta here.  That’s all right.  Don’t worry.  I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking.  That’s okay.  People don’t understand.  That’s okay.

RUSH:  Okay, the audience laughed, so obviously Trump’s got a comedy routine going here on taking the baby out, but of course the media, “Oh, my God, Trump just told a supporter with a baby to scram! Mike Pence would let the baby cry,” or what have you.  So there’s that.  That’s a little preview, coming attractions, what you might hear later on the news today.  

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