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RUSH: A couple of interesting things here today that I think — and it’s just my opinion.  If somebody wants to think I’m offering advice, feel free.  I guess maybe I am, but it’s in an indirect fashion. (interruption) No, no.  I’m gonna save these sound bites from the past, every anniversary. We’ll go back and play some highlights of the past.  Then the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd would go nuts.  So I’ll save this for one hour from now. In the monologue in the third hour, I’ll do these things.  They’re funny.  They’re actually good.  And we haven’t done ’em before. 

Well, one of them we haven’t done before.  A couple things here that I think, in the Trump campaign, ought to immediately become front and center.  Now, they may feel a compulsion to continue to deal with the Khizr Khan business — and, if they do, fine.  They may think that there is a way to turn this and flip it, and there is. But it doesn’t involve Mr. Khan or Mrs. Khan. It doesn’t involve the way she looked on stage, what she was wearing, whether she spoke or not. 

It involves a contrast in the way — and not the media.  The way the Democrats treat particularly parents of dead war heroes.  This all needs to be put on the Democrats.  The Democrats are the opponent.  Hillary Clinton is the opponent.  Khizr Khan is just a pawn.  He’s either a witting or unwitting pawn.  Charlie Hurt at TheHill.com has a column today claiming that this guy Khan actually ended up being tricked by the Democrats into being used to cover-up some of the negatives of Hillary Clinton, like the fact that she is a congenital liar. 

But look at this: “While a contentious presidential election dominates the media, a new survey finds that a sense of ‘alienation’ among average Americans is at an all-time high. For decades, the Harris Poll has gauged how much, or how little, people feel their interests are heard and addressed by those with power and influence.” These are striking numbers.  “The latest survey found that 82% of Americans believe that the people running the country don’t really care what happens to them.”

Now, this is the same question that in the 2012 exit polls, Obama beat Mitt Romney 81-19.  That question, the exit polls: Cares about people like me: Obama 81, Romney 19%.  It was that question and another question that indicated most voters still blamed Bush for the economy. That told me at five in the afternoon that Obama had won the election before the votes even began to be counted.  If those exit numbers were right, then it was over — and they were right.

So now we have 82% of the American people believing the people running the country don’t really care about them.  I bet you Obama would not score 81 to 19 on that now.  He still escapes a lot of blame on this, and that’s because of tactics.  That’s the Limbaugh Theorem to explain how Obama escapes any accountability, but it doesn’t matter.  Obama’s not on the ballot now.  The Democrats have run the country for eight years. 

This ought to become front and center in the Trump message: 82% of Americans! Trump already has a sizable percentage of this group supporting him, and he can grow it.  Eighty-two percent of Americans believe the people running the country don’t really care what happens to them.  The Democrats have been running the country.  I’m sure the Republicans are or are not considered parts of this, too.  They’re in the power base. 

“Another 78% say the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer while…” That’s always gonna be said.  People are always gonna think the rich are getting richer ’cause the rich do.  If you have a rich pile of money and it sits is there and grows, and you’re a poor person, your pile of money is smaller.  The richer are always gonna get richer.  It’s usually different. In a prosperous America where the economy is growing, people don’t care as much about that because their lives are satisfying.

But that’s not the case now.  People’s lives are not satisfying, and they are scared.  Even people who have jobs are scared they’re gonna get fired.  People who have savings are scared they’re gonna lose it.  There is no ebullience, there is no optimism, there is no uplifting — and there’s nobody providing any.  So 78% say the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, that’s always the case. 

The key is not having it count as much.  And you do that with a burgeoning and growing economy.  “Seventy percent believe that most people in power try to take advantage of people like them.” You’re always gonna have a majority of people who think that, too, but these are very high numbers.  The Harris survey also found that 68% believe that what they think doesn’t count very much anymore, while 40% say that they are left out of things going on around them. 

Now, Harris has conducted this poll every year since 1966.  These are the most negative results yet.  These numbers, or this survey needs to become front and center.  Trump instinctively already taps into this growing population group.  He just instinctively does.  And he’s got, on the basis of this survey, I think he’s got a lot of room for growth.  And here’s the next story that needs to be used in conjunction with this. 

It’s an editorial from the Investor’s Business Daily. “Obama’s Economic Recovery Is Now $2.2 Trillion Below Average.” Here’s another way of stating this.  The so-called Obama recovery — I dispute that it’s a recovery.  I think we have been in a recession since Obama took office.  However, the statistics indicate that this is, if you want to call this a recovery, this is the worst economic recovery since 1949.  And, sadly, a lot of low-information people still blame this on George W. Bush. 

Here’s why.  It’s not that hard to understand.  If you go back to 2008 and the financial crisis — hell, folks, even today, it’s still presented as the near collapse of the world.  To this day that’s how it’s reported, the near collapse of the world.  And it is in those circumstances that poor Obama took office.  “Oh, my God, he’s worked so hard trying to fix it, but it was worse than anybody knew, and he’s still trying.”  And that’s the story. 

Obama is not tagged as having contributed to this in any way, shape, manner, or form.  That needs to change.  Because Obama is the Democrat Party, and because Hillary Clinton is Obama the third term.  And all of this needs to be tied to the Democrats.  The Republicans haven’t done it for I don’t know how long, and Trump had better start.  Because this is life in America under Democrat Party rule.  This is what happens when the Democrats win. 

Eighty-two percent of Americans believe people running the country don’t care what happens to them.  We’ve got an economic recovery that isn’t one.  It is $2.2 trillion below average.  The way this could be explained closer to home, had Obama’s recovery, now in his 28th quarter, if Obama’s recovery had been as robust as the average of the past 10 recoveries, the nation’s economy would be $2.2 trillion bigger than it is today.  That translates into more than $17,000 additional per household. 

There’s your wage increase that hasn’t happened.  There’s your job that you lost in Obama’s lackluster recovery that for some stupid reason still gets blamed on George W. Bush and the Republicans.  This needs to change.  It’s in a presidential where this can change.  We in the media can bleat about it all day long.  The presidential campaign needs to change the subject, still focus on Hillary and how she can’t tell the truth and how she’s lying about Benghazi, lying about the emails and all of that, but then people are already scared economically. 

You have to scare them even more because it’s true.  If Hillary continues what Obama has started, we face an economic stagnation like people don’t remember, will not have experienced in their lifetimes.  Hillary’s tax increase plan alone is guaranteed to stagnate US economic growth.  So we would be $2.2 trillion bigger, if you run the numbers, that’s $17,000 additional per household.  So there’s your raise you didn’t have. The job you might have lost is all tied into Obama’s lack of a recovery. 

And, by the way, this is all on Obama.  Ronald Reagan recovered from a horrible Jimmy Carter four years in three years.  You can do it with policy.  Obama’s policies have further stagnated our economy.  Obamacare, Obama’s tax increases, including those attached to Obamacare.  Our expanding welfare state, the number of people on food stamps continues to grow, the number of people not in the workforce. 

There is no foundation for economic growth in America today.  It has not been laid.  In fact, it has been eaten away.  And I can remember the days — Mr. Snerdley, maybe you can do — I can remember the days when a presidential campaign was all about the economy.  And let me tell you, the Democrats do not want it to be about the economy this year, which is why the Washington Post story today announcing that Hillary is going to totally shift her focus and her campaign is gonna be almost totally devoted to destroying Trump and exposing Trump as unqualified, unprepared, unsuited, you name it.

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