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The US District Court in New Hampshire has just made it harder for New England fishermen to earn a living, and stay in business.

At issue is a new regulation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Under the rule, fishermen have to actually pay the cost to have a government nanny on board their vessels. This government monitor is there to make sure the fishermen are obeying all the other federal regulations.

In the past, when the federal government wanted monitors on board fishing vessels, they paid for it, at a cost of over $700 a day. Then last year, the federal government claimed it could no longer afford to pay. So they wrote a new regulation that passed the cost onto the fishermen.

David Goethel is one of the lead plaintiffs in a coalition of fishermen that sued the feds over the ruling. He says fishing is his passion and his livelihood. But he’s afraid he won’t be able to stay in business if he is forced to pay out of pocket, for sea monitors.

The court, dismissed the fishermen’s lawsuit. So, thanks to the Obama Regime, New England fishermen have to fish or cut bait.

They have to figure out how to carry yet another government-imposed expense in their overhead or look for another way to make a living. And that’s no fish story. It’s liberal reality, which stinks from the head down. And I thought they cared about the little guy… 

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