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Trump Speech Beat Hillary in Ratings, But Sarah Palin Beat Them Both

RUSH:  Well, I don’t expect it to mollify very many of you, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.  The TV ratings are in.  The last night of the Republican convention featuring Donald Trump had many more viewers than last night with Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.  But then, Sarah Palin had a bigger night than both of them, when she spoke at the Republican convention.

No, no.  I’m not making it up.  The numbers are in.  Now, these are overnights, and they’ll be added to as the hinterlands weigh in.  Donald Trump and the RNC had higher ratings on their last night of the convention than last night Hillary and Chelsea had in total viewers.  I mean, you’re looking for reasons to feel upbeat and positive, there you go. 

And I realize some people, “Yeah, well, that’s the last thing. The fewer people that see Trump, the better off we are.”  I know some of you are out there.  Well, Snerdley, don’t look at me.  You know they are.  

McCaskill: Trump May Have Broken Law with Russia Remark

RUSH: Missouri senator Claire McCaskill told Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, that she believes Donald Trump may have violated US law and should be investigated for what he said.  Claire McCaskill told Andrea Mitchell, “Well, it’s very clear to me that Donald Trump is unfit — and, frankly, I think he’s dangerous. I believe that there’s a chance he violated the law with what he said, inviting a cyber-attack of Russia, a dictator who has violated all of our principles of liberty and freedom in Russia.

“The notion he would invite a foreign nation to conduct an attack against our country, it’s just beyond the pale. And I believe it violates the Logan Act and he should be investigated for that.” Words.  Words.  Trump did not suggest a hack.  He didn’t invite a hack.  He just said, “Hey, if you…” Because the server’s gone, folks! There’s nothing to find.  Somebody either has them or they’re gone.  And probably somebody has them.  Some hacker probably already has them, which Trump knows.  So he said, “Hey, maybe the Russians could find these things.

“Hey, if you Russians find these emails… ‘Cause we’ve exhausted everything in our country.  We’ve exhausted all attempts to find ’em.  Maybe you Russians can find ’em.”  There were so many things Trump was saying in that little loaded comment.  He was ridiculing law enforcement. He was ridiculing the investigative powers of the press. He was ridiculing a lot of things.  “Hey, maybe you Russians could find those emails and tell our media about it.”  And now, here’s Democrat Claire McCaskill. She doesn’t want to prosecute Hillary. No, no, no, no, no! Hillary didn’t mean to do anything!

Hillary had no intent.

But Trump? We’re gonna put him in jail for what he said!

Wolf Blitzer Denies Celebrating Hillary’s Speech

RUSH:  CNN is denying that they were having a party because of Hillary’s speech and the success they think she had at the Democratic convention.  Wolf Blitzer and his glass of wine there? No, no, no! It’s just it was a really stressful two weeks, and they were all just unwinding there in the CNN Grill.  It had nothing to do with Hillary.

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