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RUSH:  Folks, by the way, you aren’t the only ones out there who are depressed and worried and a little pessimistic.  From TheHill.com: “Dem[ocrat] Anxiety Hangs Over Clinton.”  You wouldn’t think this. If you watched CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, you wouldn’t think any of this.  You would think, “My God, we’ve already got utopia! Utopia happened last night. It’s over; we won. Oh, this is so great! Hillary didn’t blow it. Oh, my God, she didn’t go into a coughing spasm, she didn’t collapse, she didn’t… Oh, it was great.”

They’re celebrating prematurely, ’cause here at TheHill.com, Alexander Bolton:  “Dem[ocrat] Anxiety Hangs Over Clinton — Democrats are worried about Hillary Clinton’s inability to separate herself from Donald Trump in the polls, even after what they believe was a largely successful convention that represented a real step toward party unity.” I’m gonna make you a prediction: This patriotism, this “USA,” this flag-flying stuff? I won’t be surprised if it backfires to a certain extent on a certain percentage of that voting base if they keep it up.

If it was a one-night, one-off, fine.  If they keep this up… Because I’m telling you, that party, they have conditioned — the Democrat Party has conditioned — its base to suspect and distrust and not like this country.  And, if the Democrats all of a sudden try to start telling everybody how much they love America and how patriotic they are, they run the risk of losing a lot of Bernie people.  They think they’ve got unity, but, if they keep this up — and they may not have unified with them anyway.

But I’m telling you, this is more serious than you think, and I’m basing this on my understanding of these people and what I know to be their genuine dislike of this country — and, in some cases, their genuine hatred for this country.  That’s what their agenda is all about.  There’s no way Black Lives Matter is ever gonna start waving the American flag around.  “Hands up, don’t shoot” is not all of a sudden gonna become red, white, and blue and America through and through.  It just isn’t gonna happen.

If Democrats try to pull that off, they’d better hope that every one of their charges understands the game and understands the joke and is able to fall in line with it. But some of them are not gonna be able to.  I, frankly, don’t expect them to continue. They’ll maybe try to get a maximum of… They were waving the flags at that rally they just had here with Kaine and Hillary. But, if they try to go very much longer with this, I’m just telling you:

They run the risk of this backfiring.  Here’s a quote from TheHill.com story: “[A] Democratic National Committee official who requested anonymity,” just like people contacting Jake Tapper, said, “I’m nervous. The country is in a bad mood. It’s such an unpredictable year,” and Hillary, so far they can’t find a bump.  Now, it’s early, but they can’t find much of a bump.  And they thought… Well, I can’t imagine they thought it was gonna be huge.  Her negatives (snorts) are way up.

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